Key to Survival

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Press: Mundania Press LLC (June 30, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-6
Author Name:Anthony, Piers


Key to Survival is the fifth and concluding quarter-million word sexy ChroMagic fantasy novel. 
It features King Havoc, Queen Gale, and their four Glamor children as they tackle the invasion of the machines.
The machines have destroyed one third of the galaxy and are working on the rest.
They have overwhelming power and ruthless competence.
But one thing makes them pause: they want to recruit Havoc's daughter Voila to their cause, as she is the strongest of all glamors with a talent they need.
If she joins them, they will spare the rest of the human culture--and destroy the rest of the galaxy much faster.
This is an offer Voila has to think about: whether to betray all the other living cultures, to save her own.


Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy,Epic,Science Fiction

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  •     I have been a fan of Anthony's work since I picked up my first Xanth novel around age 16. His characters, human and alien alike, are not merely fictitious. They display human foibles and dilemmas of conscience that we all experience. I would recommend this book and all in this series for anyone who enjoys fiction with depth. It is fun, exciting, and charming. And his author's notes, perhaps, are the best part of any of his novels.
  •     For those of you who enjoyed the movie Avatar by James Cameron. You would enjoy this series. The characters are rich the places are exotic. For Xanth readers this is the R rated version of Piers Xanth kingdom. There are no puns but there is magic,handsome men and beautiful women.
  •     I bought the downloaded copy of this book direct from the publisher Mundania Press. It only cost six dollars and it's a good thing that was all, because it really wasn't worth that much more. The problem with this book is that there is only one real problem and the rest of it is any quest designed to help the persons find whatever it was they were supposed to find in order to achieve the main quest. It gets a little boring, if you've already read other Piers Anthony titles to have characters emulating other characters emulating other characters pretending to be one another for sexual purposes. Sex is a major plot point in this book. It's not just incidental. The relationships among humans, not humans, aliens and machines can get a little confusing and in many cases seem just pointless. The major conflict is designed around the fact that the machine culture is attacking a humid and other living cultures. For some reason that the characters have to find out and to deal with special characters called Glamors who have powers which enable them to do more investigation of the mystery than other characters. Also Glamours are especially sexual and their sex lives are described in great detail.It's a fantasy and science fiction novel, which is almost pornographic in tone. Key to Survival is not one of Piers Anthony's better works, but if you're out of the country, you could download and read it to pass the time. If you have access to a good library in English, almost any other book you would select would be better.
  •     This entire series had me hooked! I am a long time fan of Piers and my reviews show it. I am basing my stars on his books, not against other authors. The only series better than this one is the Space Tyrant series. Trading a few emails with Piers he states this series is on of his personal favorites. It certainly kept my attention for a number of days. They are long reads. Quarter million words each. Well worth my time. Science fiction, fantasy and questionable erotica. Some people may be put off by certain moral issues raised, but the concept world he creates makes you wonder. The males of our species could easily loose their place if to many women were to read this series.
  •     My husband collects the Piers Anthony books. He has all of them now. He loved this gift. The book was in GREAT condition.

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