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Press: Perigee Trade (January 4, 1994)
Publication Date:1994-1
Author Name:Kathy Long


Five-time world champion kickboxer Kathy Long shows women how to defend themselves in almost any situation. 
The first book on this subject by a woman who fights for a living, No! No! No! helps women become aware of potentially dangerous situations and equips them with skills to fight back.
100 photos.


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  •     Excellent book for any woman really willing to go all the way to defend her life. Kathy Long faithfull to her fighting style in her movies, focus on simple effective moves, mostly aimed to a man's weakest spot. His Testicles. No fancy jump-kicks here, but she show you how to fight to win, so when she kicks the groin, it to smash the testicles. And when she grabs the groin, there is no shame there, you see her hand really cupping the attacker testicles. So if you are looking for a no nonsense, dirty but effective fighting book, then you MUST read this one.
  •     I have been involved as both a student and instructor of the martial arts and self-defense for more than 55 years. I am also an avid collector of martial art and combatives books both old and new. I just purchased a volume on Amazon that was published in 1963 (No! No! No! A woman’s guide to personal defense and street safety by Kathy Long and Davis Miller) that I had never seen or read until now.Kathy Long was a popular female who used to be the world kickboxing champion. She is well known in the martial arts community. This 123 page paperback book gives an overview of safety and self-defense tips. The material covered in this text is as follows:What are the realities (of safety and self-defense), other important points to remember, basic fitness training for survival, cardiovascular training, secondary aerobic exercises, arm, chest, back and shoulder exercises, hand and forearm exercises, leg exercises, abdominal exercises and stretching. She also covers basic hand and arm strikes, basic foot and leg strikes, striking combinations, real-life scenarios, defenses against frontal attacks, defenses against rear assaults defenses while in a vehicle, simple weaponry, and how to find a good martial arts school.The author gives some good advice and I am always happy to read a woman’s self-defense and safety book where the author EMPHASIZES the importance of fitness when it comes to defending yourself on the street. However, there are many other excellent books on this topic you also might want to check out besides this book.Rating: 3 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: Shotokan Karate: Practical combat karate for the street).
  •     It's a book mainly focus on fighting techniques. It should have more information on how to prevent a violent situation and on verbal self-defense, but Kathy is a Martial Artist. It's great to learn phisical self defense specially dirty moves but you should be consider complementary reading after reading a more general book.About the moves, they are simple and very effective and many are design to work only against men. Yes, testicles are the number one target, and depicts many ways to exploit that weak spot even with pictures.So, highly recomended, specially for women who had a mother like mine who used to said that a lady never hits a man "down there", but really wants to learn how to beat a man.
  •     Some of the prev reviews call my attention and I bought this book. Kathy Long's book is so hard on how to treat a mans testicles I think you could leave an attacker on his knees just showing him the book. So I agree with other reviews, many devastating and detailed groin attacks and other usefull fighting moves. it's a must read if you want to improve your low blows skills.
  •     In this Book K. Long selects from all the different tecniques, those who are faster and more efective when a woman is fighting a man, she shows realistic attack situation and many ways to deal with a bigger and stronger attacker. She shows how to use weak spots in the male anatomy to defeat a man, concentrating on shins, eyes, and specially testicles. Illustrating her moves with great quality pictures of herself with male subjects. It's an ideal book for women decided to do everything on their reach to defend them them self from attackers.
  •     It's a book mainly focus on fighting techniques. It should have more information on how to prevent a violent situation and on verbal self-defense, but Kathy is a Martial Artist.
  •     A good guide that will teach women the basics of self-defense. The book has fine realistic pictures of Kathy demonstating the techniques with clear instructions.
  •     That alone makes it worth finding a copy. To boot, you get the only book I've ever found that may actually help you defend yourself, whether you're a woman or a man. Clear, concise, simple, REAL. Not hokey like most martial arts and martial arts books. The only downside is the photos. They're not bad except when compared to the text.Try Davis Miller's own (more creative) books The Tao of Bruce Lee and The Tao of Muhammad Ali. This guy is one of the best writers in the world, period. Fun, exciting, serious, meditative, beautiful. More people need to know about this guy's powerful, original stories. And he's from my own hometown of Winston-Salem, NC. I can promise you: When you read something of his, it'll amaze you. And you'll turn right around and read it again.
  •     This book by Kathy Long with Davis Miller is targeted for women, but the techniques demonstrated can also be used by men. She focuses on the basic moves as simplicity is normally what works in a "real fight." The book isn't too detialed as to confuse the reader, but does spark a sense of urgency for women to prepare themselves buy learninig some simple prevention techniques and then by getting in shape and learning some practical strikes and techniques.I, like my husband, have been involved in the martial arts for years and think this book is great for beginners and very practical.
  •     As a man, this book was a tough read. Kathy concentrates on male attackers since these are most commonly the aggressors towards women. Kathy emphasises the need to go all out if you have to defend yourself - there can be no half measures. Most techniques are described matter-of-factly and illustrated with a photo. She takes great care when describing defensive moves against the males' greatest weakness. Why? Because it is important for the female to know exactly how to attack the testicles effectively, which is often glossed over in self-defense books. "Target deep" she advises. "Lift him a foot off the ground". "Lift your leg explosively into the testicles." "Quickly grab the testicles. Squeeze as hard as you can". So the female is left in absolutely no doubt how she can stop a strong male attacker in his tracks! Highly recommended for women and girls! (Guys, read at your peril.)

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