Planetary Domination

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Press: PublishAmerica (April 23, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-4
Author Name:Brewster, Cody


This epic tale goes to the year 4000 in the Adorious Galaxy. 
In the entity of space that is very intangible, an intergalactic war rages between three unique and powerful planets.
The trio of houses are called Blemock, Neurajon, and Sorkana.
The Blemockians are noble humans who live in peace and are ruled under a matriarch.
Without her highly exceptional leadership skills, Blemock would be lost.
The Neurajons reveal themselves late in the war and try their hardest to destroy their foes and take the Adorious Galaxy for themselves, as they are led by a powerful Neurajon known as Juba.
In the first few chapters, a jetball game is interrupted by a brutal surprise attack.
No other race would be responsible than the dreadful Sorkians.
Their only objective is to conquer the entire universe and become the master species, being led by a nefarious dictator known as Quatarroe.
The Blemockians are very aware of the Sorkians and what they are capable of, but are completely caught off-guard on the day of the jetball championship.
These Sorkians have spread fury across other galaxies, and their next target is to defeat Blemock and rid that planet of every human.
Hundreds of cloaked Sorkian ships lurk in their atmosphere, planning to bring swift death to all of them!


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  •     In keeping with a promise to myself and diversifying my reading genre, I picked up a copy of Planetary Domination by Cody Brewster.In his first ever published novella, Brewster shows good command of character development and scripts a good plot as well. I was transported to another time and another place as I read the galactic battle between good and evil complete with hideous and terrifying creatures.Although scifi isn't my first choice for reading, I find that I can still enjoy it if the author can keep me involved.My hat is off to young Brewster and I'll be waiting and watching for his next release. Mr. Brewster is not completely unknown to me and I'm anxious to watch him grow and mature as an author.

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