Passages of Time

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Press: PublishAmerica (May 14, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-5
Author Name:Masson, Peter T.


Orphaned at birth, Jon Smith has grown up to lead a very ordinary life—until the headaches begin, and then the apparitions. 
The visions haunting Jon drive him to seek the truth—that he possesses an inherited talent for crossing over to other times and other places.
As Jon struggles to gain control over his newfound ability, he is quick to discover the sorrows that await those who meddle with time gone by.
The secret of his past and the fate of the future will culminate at an ancient cathedral in Renaissance Italy.
There he will discover his roots and root up an evil that he could have never imagined existed.
It will follow him through the passages of time with disastrous results.


Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction

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Comment List (Total:4)

  •     This book kept me intrigued from start to finish! I found myself really caring about the main character and the experiences he encountered in his personal life and beyond. My curiosity about what might happen next was consistant from one chapter to the next! I enjoyed the detailed descriptions of the characters, their feelings, and various places mentioned throughout the book.I look forward (or perhaps backward!) to more fascinating books from this creative, talented author!
  •     I would not consider myself a science fiction fan; but then, I would not necessarily consider this science fiction. What I would consider it is a very entertaining read from cover to cover. The author does a great job in developing the characters so that you want to see what happens and you keep turning the pages. It's one of those page-turners that keeps you up late. I loved the idea - the setting, the suspense, the overall concept. I appreciated the short chapters, but never felt that their length hurt the story development. I would characterize this as well-rounded fiction perfect for anyone looking for a great story!
  •     Doesn't everyone wish to "time-travel"? Combine science fiction, fantasy, mystery with a touch of romance and you have Peter Masson's excellent read, "Passages of Time". Great, relaxing read for a weekend or holiday---makes you think and empathize with lead character Jon Smith. What would YOU do with such fantastic power?...
  •     I am not a huge science fiction fan but this book was excellent. I could relate to the characters and the development of the story was exciting, mysterious, and fun. Great read!

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