The ShadowStalker

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Press: PublishAmerica (October 2, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-10
Author Name:Moore, C., K.


The galaxy is a dangerous place to roam, and no one knows that better than a loner like Rune Hallah. 
Which is why she’s not quite sure why she agreed to escort a squeaky clean land-hugger like Kanna D’Litsu off of his home planet.
Kanna is looking for an adventure and the strange alienne with eyes that keep changing colors seems to be his answer.
Now, Rune not only has to protect him from bounty hunters, religious wackos, and interstellar wars, but she has to keep her new and very curious friend from diving into the biggest mystery of the galaxy.
Because Rune is not just another wild and rambunctious spacer.
There is something dark and dangerous in her past that stalks them from planet to planet and threatens to overwhelm them both.
And Rune might just need Kanna’s friendship more than she ever realized.


Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction,Fantasy

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