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Press: Xlibris (May 21, 2010)
Author Name:Harrington, Karen A.


"New Shoes was a passing thought from years ago. 
I had begun a new journey in life of self-discovery.
Many unanswered questions were being discovered.
Many small steps were taken to begin to gain a better perspective of self.
A real self-assurance was born.
The journey involved a lot of hard work, persistence and determination.
Such remarkable, indescribable feelings emerged.
A sense of real pride was developing.
A person of character and strength grew.
After many years of changes and growth, a writing course undertaken got me to think about my promise to myself to write a book some day; New Shoes.
I gathered up some clinical files (from cognitive therapy), organized past letters, reflective writing and poems.
I devoted a March Break to undertaking the task of fully letting others in.
Both the writing and reading of the book added further healing to the author.
I am well aware of where I have been and who I am today.
I hope to never have to experience many things again from the past.
Choices I made helped shape who I am today.
Through my personal growth, I am very comfortable in my own skin.
No one should have to feel so terribly alone.
Perhaps if I had done some of my own reading and sharing earlier, the healing process would have been quicker.
Enjoy New Shoes and always remember, everyone has a story to tell."



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