Meander: Wooing Ms. Maudie

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Press: Xlibris, Corp. (June 18, 2010)
Author Name:Colmore, Blayney


"Meander is a novel, a love story between Maudie, the daughter of the president of  the African nation of Zimbabwe and his late wife, and Oscar, son of a white American Episcopal priest and his successful realtor wife. 
Oscar and Maudie meet as MBA students at The Wharton School of Business at the U.
Of Pennsylvania.
Maudie is being groomed to succeed her father as president and Oscar is torn between his wish to save the world and his overwhelming wish to marry Maudie, a wish frustrated by the demands of her life.
The novel places their love affair in the historical circumstance of Zimbabwe plummeting into poverty and chaos.
The fast-changing realities of gender, race and international politics make this love affair a litmus test for a world that is emerging but not yet fully shaped.
You will come to love these young people nearly as deeply as they love each other, and find yourself torn by the forces beyond their control that make their love equal parts healing and wounding."


Literature & Fiction,Genre Fiction,Historical

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  •     I thought it was brilliant, held my attention, and gave me insight into the world in new ways.But then, I wrote it.
  •     In this refreshingly experimental dance between white and black, rich world and poor, Africa and the West, Blayney Colmore's main characters and lovers, the American Oscar and and the Zimbabwean Maudie push us to think again about the roles that have been carved out for us and that we slip into despite our deepest longings to overcome them. Whatever your affinity for Africa, you'll be drawn in by their angsty, passionate encounters and hold on to see if they avoid the slow motion car crash that is shaping up for them, as Maudie prepares to take the reins from her fictionalized real life dad, Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, and Oscar's Washington intelligence handlers ask him to dish Zimbabwe's deepest secrets.
  •     >Meander< gives dramatic meaning to the term "sexual politics." The relationship between the (fictional) daughter of Zimbabwe's President Mugabe and her American co-protagonist is a driving force for this engaging story. With an obvious compassion for the people, history and current circumstances of Zimbabwe, Colmore weaves a rich tapestry of personal relationships and international political intrigue. The story has the feel of an insider's understanding of the land redistribution policy and Zimbabwe's involvement in the Congo civil war that led to economic chaos and continuing political oppression under President Mugabe. The short staccato chapters keep up the fast pace of this well researched novel. It is a good summer adventure that provides the reader with a fresh perspective on a deeply troubled part of southern Africa.

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