Wuthering Heights and a Werewolf...and a Zombie too

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 6, 2010)
Author Name:King, Ralph S.


Why was Heathcliff's nature so beastly? Why was he such an utter scoundrel? Why...because he was really a werewolf! The classic romance, now with savage werewolf violence! And there may be a zombie lurking about too!


Literature & Fiction,Genre Fiction,Horror,Contemporary,Literary

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  •     I read the Lincoln and the Vampires book and the Little Women and Werewolfs, and was disappointed by this one.
  •     I so enjoyed pride and prejudice and zombies as well as Abraham Lincoln vampire Hunter that I had hoped this would be more of the same. Unfortunately it was not nearly as well written and ended with a ridiculous surprise. One of the characters was written as speaking in such a manner that I couldn't even make it what was said and eventually skipped over those parts. The author did not make any of his characters sympathetic enough to care much about. I would not recommend this book.
  •     Entertaining.
  •     It was ok. An interesting take on Wuthering Heights but not the best I've ever read. It's an ok read for a dull evening.
  •     I admit that I am new to mash-ups of classics with new material. This is only the second one I've read. I began reading this version, taking careful notice of some of the added and changed material, such as mention of travelers being found ripped apart by some strange beast, and was expecting great things. The idea of Heathcliff really being a werewolf intrigued me and I was willing to go along with the theme; however, I was very disappointed and even angered by how this new version suddenly ended. It was as though the author suddenly ran out of imagination! I was just coming to the climax of the story (which is only halfway through the original novel) when it abruptly and violently ended, thus negating all that came before. It was really bad, disappointing, and very badly written. I do not recommend this mash-up at all. If I had not gotten it for free, I would be very angry, indeed, and be demanding my money back. I plan to delete it from my Kindle and try not to ever think about this version of one of my favorite novels ever again! Perhaps someone else will take this idea and ultimately create something intriguing and wonderful--this is definitely not it, in my opinion.
  •     When I read the original Wuthering Heights, I always wondered at the motivation of some of the characters. They just seemed to me to do random stuff.Now I understand: They were werewolves or zombies or...That explains what was really going on.This is a lighter version (it seems to me), based on and freely borrowing from the original. However, with slightly different motivations for some of the creatures.
  •     Just could not get into it. I didn't care for it. i dont have the other 9 words to use

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