Under The Twisted Cross

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Press: Xlibris, Corp. (September 16, 2010)
Author Name:Barnhart, Margaret M.


Lying in his prone shelter on an Italian battlefield, Nick Bremer wakes to the sound of German voices. 
Without ammunition, his squad has no choice but to surrender.
Thus begins months of peril as the men go from prisoners-in-transit to permanent internment in Stalag IIB, reported by 1943 Military Intelligence as the worst POW camp in Germany.
Heartened by memories of home, buoyed by a brotherhood of prisoners, Nick combats suspicion and hopelessness, endures near-starvation, physical torture, psychological terror, and mind-numbing monotony.
But, can his tenacity and wit help him survive the brutal European “death march” to the Western Front?


Literature & Fiction,Genre Fiction,Historical

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  •     This book was a great read. It was heart wrenching at times but enlightening as to the resourcefulness the POW's had in order to survive. Their support of each other was heart warming. I wanted to know more of how Nick's life was after the war.
  •     Just finished "under the twisted cross" WOW, that was an amazing story of my great great uncle's experiences as a POW. I read it in two days. I find myself wanting to know and at the same time not wanting go know what was embellished. It is heartwrenching that men experienced that and worse at the hands of others. Beautifully written, captivating, based on a true story.
  •     I can't imagine how people survive POW camps, how they can physically keep going with such little food. This is an interesting story how these soldiers live and how survive.
  •     This book catches your interest from the first page to the last. It portrays a vivid imagine of the suffering and fear in the situation but also the courage and strength of the characters.
  •     Under the Twisted Cross by Margaret M Barnhart captivates her reading audience immediately with a simple "click" from a rifle. Nick Bremer, a 28 year old soldier from the plains of North Dakota finds himself helplessly staring into the Nazi captor's eyes and embarks on an 18 month journey as a Prisoner of War.Marched behind the enemy lines, hope of being rescued from the Allied forces quickly diminishes and the prisoners are left to their own devices to acclimate and strive towards one common goal, survival. They endure some of the harshest prison camps in Nazi Germany, fighting through starvation, and endure endless hours of shear boredom.Barnhart's poetic prose and exquisitely detailed descriptions soon submerge the reader into the world of the POW. Her characters become very real intricate details of the story as they find humor and camaraderie with each other. Nick Bremer being of German ancestry is quickly singled out by both POWs and German Nazis. He becomes an interpreter and must find the balance between keeping trust with his fellow captives and negotiating for meager scraps of food with the German Soldiers. Bremer finds some solace to surviving by the pleasant memories of being home in North Dakota.Margaret M Barnhart has succeeded in intertwining fictional characters into actual historical events. Bremer's character is based on the authors father's real experiences as a POW in Nazi Germany. And she isn't apprehensive about detailing the horrors and ugliness of war yet paints it with delicate prose.Under the Twisted Cross is a wonderful novel rich in detail and memorable characters. The story moves with action and suspense and keeps the reader engaged anxiously awaiting the next chapter. I would highly recommend this book to any one who has an intrigue with WWII but also to those who have trepidations of stories involving war. Although the journey is a tough one for the POWs Barnhart achieves in writing an utter delight for the readers.
  •     Author provided such a descriptive story it was easy to find myself in the myst of it. Experiencing every minute. A book you will not put down.
  •     Well written and enjoyable.
  •     Since I grew up with this man working at my school, this story breaks my heart because he never ever said anything bad about anyone that I was aware of. I never understood as a child how important it is to say Thank You to our men that fought for our freedom...as it is said so many times, FREEDOM ISN'T FREE...there is always a cost. Thank you for sharing Nick's military life with everyone. I truly believe that people should know what our soldiers went through for us.
  •     From the moment I started reading this story, to the very end, I was captivated. The story was so detailed that I felt as if I was a part of hardtimes, grief, and the little bit of happiness that all of the characters shared as POWs. Margaret Barnhart created a wonderful story to honor our troops and those who served in WWII. I would recommend this book to everyone!

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