The Truth About Ugly Women: I Want Beauty Within

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Press: Xlibris, Corp. (October 5, 2011)
Author Name:Gordon, Lakia


Book by Gordon, Lakia



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  •     This is a compelling read. When I first heard the title I was hooked and had to read it. It has a lot of depth in content. The author, Lakia Gordon, is very transparent in her personal tales of failure in relationships and her struggles with life, which allows the reader to connect with her and relate on some level. As a guy, I wasn't able to relate to everything she said but it was good to be informed on some of the issues that women face in relationships. I believe this book is innovative also. She tags different characteristics and behaviors in people with created names such as, RAWS WIPs, and GOODs.1. RAWs as she puts, comes into our lives with two mindsets. To either take up space or be a crutch or a hindrance to our growth.2. WIPs or Works In Process, are individuals who are a few steps away to being finished goods, but aren't quite there yet, and that leads us to GOODs.3. These are individuals who are good for us and will in some way enhance our life.She also gives life to different characteristics such as Miss Jealousy and allows Miss Jealousy to give reason to why she is jealous through monologue. I believe that this work is brilliant. Very creative! But this is only a little taste of all the goodness you'll find in this book.

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