Phases of the Moon

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Press: Xlibris, Corp. (November 15, 2011)
Author Name:Helisek, Patricia


It took a sixty-five year old woman from Michigan to discover who she really is when she comes to terms with memories and secrets of her life. 
Phases of the Moon is a unique narrative of selected milestones in a Michigan woman’s life.
The telling is subtle but intriguing and sometimes quirky.
You will get to know Pat through her very short stories that uncover the forces that molded her personality.
You will read what was and is important to her as she plods through life.
Although she has not experienced a soap opera existence, you will definitely relate and enjoy what she went through as a young girl and as a mature woman.
Pat hopes to share her stories and to inspire the young adults of the present and the baby boomers of her time.



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  •     It's nice to be able to at any time learn when the moon is full and the different names for it by different groups. I love the moon and take alot of pictures. Some in clouds some in trees some in a clear sky, I can always count on the moon like others depend on the sun. I don't worship the moon I worship the creator of the moon, the creator is so very. Creative in all that he has created I love it all

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