Bitter Sweet Secret Assignment

Press: AuthorHouse (October 23, 2009)
Author Name:Persaud, Nita


"Bitter Sweet Secret Assignment" is a book about a young, beautiful half blood Jewish journalist. 
She wanted to experience the revolution adventure in Suriname which ended in a different disaster.
Her love for the business man Chris Nepal abrubtly ended in a horrible nightmare on their wedding night.
The revolution regime was after her for a secret list of names of people who were against the revolution.
Smuggling contraband goods together between South American countries had developed a great friendship between her brother and him.
After her two brothers' mysterious deaths she had no choice but to escape to Europe.
Years later she married Thomas Swan who was suffering from dementia and was confronted again with his memory of World War II.
Later her friendship with the Italian missionary Tony Brocelli was a hidden secret, battling with faith and her everlasting love...
Trying to cover up all hidden amazing secrets with normal christian diplomatic behavior only ended up with sadness, pain, depression and a broken heart.
Suddenly the young successful Andrew Archer appeared again in her life.
He has new ideas of business, medical research, and agriculture.
He introduced Lena to one of his new methods of physiological training.
This project was mainly to help educated and business people recover from an economic depression and a broken heart.
Also the upcoming teenage rage caused them to suffer from anorexia and bulimia.
The American psychiatrist Beth Carr and the Japanese Neurosurgeon Lee Chan discovered her weird behavior.
And Andrew Archer exposed all the hidden dark secrets...his identification, complicated family, death, ancestry

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