My Mother, My Angel

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Press: Wordclay (October 29, 2008)
Author Name:Schulte, Jane


While this book was primarily written for my family and for my own healing, it is also written for anyone who has loved and lost. 
May your hunt for the gifts and treasures that were left behind nurture, protect and guide you.
May your grief be short, your life be long and your journey be filled with amazing days.


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  •     When you are finished reading this book, you may feel as if you have just spent an hour sitting and talking with a good friend. This special book is a tribute that Jane wrote to her mother, Doris Balasa, who led an amazing life of faith and love. Even if you didn't know her personally, you will benefit from this heartwearming tale of her life and the legacy she has left behind. Her giving nature was an inspiration to her children as well as everyone she came in contact with. As a breast cancer survivor who opted for treatment in the form of holistic wellness, she offered hope and healing to many people.This book will take you on a journey through Jane's life experiences with her mother and will recount the grief that she experienced upon her mother's passing. Jane has an eloquent and genuine way of articulating the sorrow she experienced that will resonate with anyone who has experienced the loss of a mother or a close relative.Be sure and read the back cover - it will inspire you to live your days fully and make them count, just as Doris Balasa did.
  •     I read My Mother, My Angel at 2:30 AM this past Wednesday during a snow storm. I finished it in one sitting at 4:00 AM. The book brought me to memories of both my Mother and Father. I recalled a lot of great times we spent together. Jane's book made me happy and sad. That is what I feel makes a book a great read. That feeling of many emotions as you turn pages and dig deeper into the story.As Jane recounts her calling Hospice and having Mom put into full care brought back memories of our Father's battle with dementia and alzheimers and his eventual admittance into a nursing facility. Not an easy moment in anyone child's life.Crying is a good thing, it humbles your soul. It also reflects that one cares. Caring is not taught in books, you have it or you don't. In this book you can feel the struggle of letting go and also the joy of the family picking up and carrying on. It was very nice to see that the "Girl's Weekend" and "The Showers" survived and will continue over the years. That is awesome!Read My Mother, My Angel and enjoy Jane's story and appreciate the love she had from her Mother and Father and the love she gave in return. I will be sure to pass my copy along as well as share the title with friends and family.
  •     My Mother, My AngelAuthor Jane Schulte.Review by Kelly Caseltine Though I never had the pleasure of meeting Doris Balasa, author Jane Schulte made me feel as if I had known her my entire life. This book is the story of a Mother's love of life. She had five successful children. She was a loving wife who adored her husband. She was a breast cancer survivor.When Doris was diagnosed with breast cancer, she didn't give up - she chose to fight by doing research to find what method of treatment would work best for her which was an alternative path.This book was very inspirational and a wonderful tribute to an exceptional woman. It will bring out every emotion within you. You will be laughing one moment and crying the next. I highly recommend this book to all mothers and mothers to be.As I finished reading the amazing life story of Doris, I couldn't help but smile, knowing we all have an Angel in heaven looking down on us. One of those Angels is Doris. Life is not about fame and fortune. It's about being the best person you can be and helping others. It is also about making choices that are outside the mainstream, ignoring critics and teaching others to do the same.
  •     If God graciously allows many chapters in a life, they will ultimately define one's journey. I have great respect for the Author Jane Schulte for sharing her heartwarming personal relationship with her beautiful mother to the world. This story produced a deep emotional reaction.Jane eloquently describes her mother's upbeat and easygoing manner of life in a positive and reassuring light. This family was truly blessed to have such an Angel in their lives.If you or someone you know is a patient or survivor of Cancer, this book is meant for you. Discover how a Breast Cancer patient never gave up and lived life to the fullest.How do families cope, accept, move one, carry on day to day after loosing a loved one? Jane expresses the importance that you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings. As you read, you will feel understood. She clearly encourages adopting positive thinking and actions going forward. Jane's family is not silent or afraid to continue to talk about Doris. They continue comforting rituals that continue their bond with her.As I read the last chapter I felt overwhelmed with comfort, hope, and joy.Readers will not be disappointed in this inspiring story. I bought several copies for gifts and I hope some other readers will do the same. A truly touching story.
  •     I found that "My Mother My Angel" tugged at my heart, brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face. This is a story of how a Mother's love influenced and inspired her family and children. This is a story about mending your heart and is written by a daughter who has inherited her Mother's best strengths and has developed her own path in life. Jane Schulte is inspiring as she captures the tender moments of her Mother, their family and their lives together. Each chapter silently encourages you to dream and create the life you have always yearned for and that with a positive outlook and the Lord's help you can make it through the most difficult times of your life. This book will remind you of how important it is to tell those closest to you how much you love them. "My Mother My Angel" inspires optimism and it's obvious that the love between this Mother and daughter will last to eternity.

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