The Fist of Machiavelli

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Press: America Star Books (October 10, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-10
Author Name:Greaves, John Milton


First time author John Milton Greaves creates a fascinating journey of political intrigue, diabolical cunning and the quest for power by a brilliant, brazen and bitter woman. 
Set against the backdrop of West Africa, The Fist of Machiavelli takes the reader to three continents in a story of greed, manipulation and murder for political gain.
Esther Jones Sambolah comes out of a brutal marriage vowing to get revenge by any means necessary.
Her ultimate goal is to rule Equatoria and any man standing in her path does so at great risk.


Literature & Fiction,Genre Fiction,Historical

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  •     Mr. Greaves would have better served in his anti-Sirleaf campaign, if he had written a straight political account of his beliefs and left out gross parts. His delivery was very ill advised. He is quick in pointing out others' failings, except is own, I suspect. This makes his work a, very, poorly veiled memoir.I'm not defending President Sirleaf. I am an outsider living in the comfort of the USA, however, no person deserves to have her character assassinated like this. Mr. Greaves is not a novelist. He seems very angry and vengeful. This a political smear. What the author asserts in the book may or may not be true. But what is obvious, again to the outsider, is that the book was written out of spite and directed towards the current Liberian President Ellen Sirleaf. Plus, it is grossly over priced and poorly edited and written.I subscribe to the Liberian, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Nigerian daily news feeds from the AllAfricia online newspaper. Greaves's book, again it is NOT a work of fiction, is meant to inflame, not as fair criticism of the history of Liberia and her sad troubles. This is why I object so vehemently to The Fist of Machiavelli. Now the unemployed and/or the uneducated masses in Liberia might find a champion in Greaves's book, and this is very unfortunate.Stephen Ellis's book that was first published in 1999 by the New York University Press, The Mask of Anarchy: The Destruction of Liberia and the Religious Dimension of an African Civil War, is a scholarly account of the horrible civil war days. His book was republished in 2006, just at the beginning of President Sirleaf coming to office. Now this book is a must read for anyone interested in the history of Liberia. Greaves's book is meant to inflame, not as fair criticism of the history of Liberia and her sad troubles.Russell TraughberAuthor and Novelist
  •     Greaves has applied his mastery of the English language in writing a politically,informative novel, which certainly deserves a revealing sequel
  •     Almost everything in this book has been rumored or discussed in every Liberian beer-drinking joint. Nothing new; therefore, to claim that the book is fictional only show the fear of the writer in claiming what every Liberian of age 45+ has heard. Incidentally, there is another book written by a Liberian from the suburbs of Charlotte, NC, claiming to be fictional that follows the same plot. If this author, John Milton Greaves, is actually THE Milt Greaves of the 1970s, then there is even more disappointment. I could gather a group of "drunk" Liberians, document their rumors and innuendos and come up with a similar book.NOT WORTH THE COST.
  •     Just very intersting and insightful. I have never read any book this fast. You keep turning the pages till you reach the end. Though one may question the motive of the writer why he choose to write the story as a fiction? Is he hiding something?
  •     This book was fascinating. Although he used aliases; I could tell that the book was about Liberia, and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's rise to power, by deceiving major players on the political scene. This is must read for those in the West, including Riva Levinson and other lobbyists in Washington, DC.
  •     It is very interesting reading especially for someone who lived through these incidents. I am most interested in those situations discussed behind closed doors.

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