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Press: Xlibris (December 2, 2010)
Author Name:Yokota, Kousaku


Shotokan MythsBy:Kousaku Yokota


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  •     Yokota Shihan's research into some of Shotokan Karate's myths provides the reader with logical explanations which expand the Karateka's understanding of Karate Do.
  •     Master Yokota has some interesting--even compelling--ideas about "what's wrong" with Shotokan. Unfortunately, the book is marred by sub-standard English that really needed an editor and reads like what it apparently is, a poorly strung together set of previously published blog posts. His second book (Shotokan Mysteries) is much more professionally done, but this is still well worth reading, especially for those puzzled by the gap between their kata and the realities of bunkai, kumite, or self-defense.
  •     This book reveals opinions of YOKOTA. The information is good and revealing , coming from a Japanese with a high rank it carries some weight. The pictures were too small and the links to the videos did not function. This is a good read and any karateka should read it.
  •     Many Shotokan stylist today have heritage far away from the mainstream of what is contemporary Shotokan and its renaissance to modern times. Check your sensei's history and if they are not connected to JKA and have been taught by the mainstream senseis of Japan, you might consider looking for another teacher. Yokota Sensei is a disciple of Tetsuhiko Asai; my Sensei. Asai Sensei was rather obscure to most Shotokan practitioners because he considered himself more a researcher rather then a teacher. Its just towards the end, we convinced him to form his own World organization. He had too much to offer the world. He had actually taken Shotokan to a much higher level then anyone else. Tetsuhiko Asai it probably the greatest Shotokan karate practitioner that ever walked the Earth. Yokota Sensei's discussion it important to the serious Martial Artist. He sheds light on some of the most important topics in Martial Arts.
  •     Excellent . A must read for anybody who practices Shotokan Karate.
  •     A very fascinating read exploring the myths behind Shotokan Karate. This was well worth the read and very eye opening.
  •     A great read.
  •     This book is extremely helpful in understanding not only the history of Shotokan, but also certain lost keys to understanding the kata. It's a real treasure!
  •     Ecxelent for beginners and advance martial practitioners. We open your eyes respect of martial arts. I recommend it very hi.
  •     Very good read.
  •     As soon as I knew Shihan Yokota had written a book, I wanted to get it. I had previously seen his articles in Shotokan Karate Magazine and knew that he was a man of great insight and honesty. Much of what we are taught in the Karate world defies logic, yet has been passed down to us as "lore" by our Japanese masters. However, Shihan Yokota is sincere in wanting to expose the truth. This book explains how things have been change from their original meanings for social or political reasons; or just to make judging competitions more easy. Yet these changes of convenience are then passed on as having always been the way!Shihan Yokota also exposes how many things are portrayed as being secret knowledge or mysterious, when in his view, even many senior Japanese instructors either just don't know, or can't be bothered to tell us.Well the truths are exposed in this book. With the rise of "reality based" martial arts and MMA, Shihan Yokota is concerned that if the art of Shotokan which he is so passionate about is not taught properly and honestly it will become obsolete. This book is aimed at Westerners to tell us what many other Japanese masters can't or won't.This is a must read book for anybody interested in truly understanding Karate.
  •     The ideas written in these pages offer up much wisdom and knowledge. A new perspective that gives light to new ideas. Excellent book.. Just bought the other two.
  •     good book on the origin and bunki of shotokan
  •     This book is an excellent read for new black belts in the art of Shotokan. It has great historical significance and would be a great teaching reference for new instructors. I have done Shotokan for 48 years and have discovered the same principles on my own that Sensei Yokota describes in his book. For new black belts follow your own path and use this text as a good map to start out
  •     He is honest and does not pull punches (or kicks, or strikes). This is a must read for any Karate enthusiast.
  •     Finally, a book by a Japanese karate expert who had the courage to expose the flaws in thinking when it comes to Shotokan karate. May be it is just a cultural or spiritual factor, but few karate masters will challenge the traditional myths when it comes to karate. However, Kousaku Yokota, Sensei at least treads lightly (too lightly as far as I am concerned, on some of the sacred cows of Shotokan karate.This excellent book questions numerous dogmas and will make all serious karate practitioners think a little more deeply about the myths and misconceptions of karate. The thirteen chapters cover the basic concepts of kime, Hikite, which is the opposite hand pulling back when punching etc, the snap back in mae geri, using the Makiwara, silent Kiai, JKA Bunkai, the myth of kata beginning and ending with blocks, the way early JKA created the ancient katas so they all would end at the original starting point, The Tekki kata (two parts), Hangetsu kata, Bujutsu or Budo and the contradiction in "Karate ni sente nashi" and "Sente hissho."Though I agree with the vast majority of material presented in this volume, I still see that the subject of kata, which the author deals with too briefly in this book, is filled with mystical and unscientific theories concerning the "bunkai" myths. It may be because the author was born and raised in a culture which worships martial art katas as the way to enlightenment. It is not that I hate kata, because I practice about thirty karate kata every single day, plus ten Kenjutsu katas. It is just that I have a completely different opinion as to why the ancient masters designed the katas. The view that there are secret and hidden meanings and moves in kata is pure mystical speculation.In conclusion, this is a book for all serious Shotokan karate students and instructors. I hope more masters will begin to question the many dogmas in our beloved art.Rating: 5 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: The Shotokan Karate Self-Defense Manual, Combat Karate for the street)
  •     Makes you aware of deeper meanings behind techniques we've done for years. An important lesson in life, as well as in karate.
  •     I really enjoyed the book. I wish i could meet the author for karate practice and following discussion. I am definitely going to keep this book in my library. Ossu!

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