Why Count Sheep When You Can Sleep?

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Press: Rose Street Press (June 10, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-6
Author Name:Ivie, Tracy Ecclesine


What happens when one of the world’s lightest sleepers is married to one of the world’s loudest snorers? A book called “Why Count Sheep When You Can SLEEP?,” which takes an innovative approach to the problem of insomnia. 
Written by veteran insomniac and journalist Tracy Ecclesine Ivie, this book is designed to be read in bed -- at the point of sleeplessness -- when people are alone in the dark, desperately searching for relief.
To help them...and herself, Ivie compiled hundreds of effective, non-drug sleep solutions from around the world, including “The Boring Book” chapter, a unique collection of run-on sentences and monotonous phrases to numb even the most hyperactive minds.
She also created numerous variations on “counting sheep” routines, breathing exercises, visualizations and self-hypnosis.
The result is an extensive supply of real tips from real people that really work! Read it...and sleep.


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  •     This little book is an excellent compendium of everything you need to know to get to sleep from someone who "...learned all about sleeplessness in a noisy Manhattan apartment while being married to the `snorer from hell." Starting with the wise advice to see a physician about possible sleep apnea problems and including many suggestions from various medical practitioners and from ordinary people who have conquered sleeplessness, the book lays out traditional as well as some non-traditional methods of finding your way into sleep. To support one suggestion that you should try reading a really boring book it actually gives you a chapter of a really boring book! This book in itself, though, is not a really boring book, it is engagingly written and eminently useful.
  •     This book works. I read it during a sleepless night and still use the techniques whenever I toss and turn. My favorite is the breathing exercise that oxygenizes the brain, but there are other methods to choose from. All are drug-free, which is the aspect of the book I found particularly appealing. I also appreciated how the author clearly explains each technique without cluttering the prose with scientific jargon. Instead, the writing flowed naturally as if a real person was speaking and just to me. The anecdote about a snoring husband was especially enjoyable and explained the author's motivation for writing the book. The greatest surprise was the last section called, "The Boring Book." How and why, I wondered, would an author want to "bore" readers? Turns out that reading nonsensical passages can help induce sleep. For me, this section made me laugh. I happily drifted into dreamland with a few oxygen-producing breaths--and a smile.
  •     This is a fabulous book that covers the research and provides many techniques to try. I loaned it to someone and haven't gotten it back and may need to buy another copy. It's the kind of book you just want to keep on your bedside table because she's reassuring and witty and her approach is very practical. Plus, she includes a terribly boring section to read as a soporific.
  •     Written in an easy to read, conversational style, this book has been a huge help in getting me past the toss/turn/up/down prelude to sleep. The pre bedtime routine and tips for making my surroundings more sleep-friendly has really helped immensely. My occasional bouts of insomnia are also easier to deal with as they occur.I have to get another copy since my daughter (who is married to an Olympic level snorer) has snatched my copy.Why Count Sheep When You Can Sleep? [[ASIN:0984371109 Why Count Sheep When You Can Sleep?

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