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Press: Wiley; 3 edition (October 1, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-10
Author Name:Porter, Robert S.; Kaplan, Justin L.; Homeier, Barbara P.


Now in paperback—the most comprehensive home health reference bestsellerMillions of people around the world have relied on The Merck Manual Home Health Handbook for quick access to authoritative, accessible health information. 
Written by more than 300 internationally respected medical experts, this comprehensive medical resource features extensive, up-to-date coverage of health care for newborns, the elderly, and everyone in between.Contains reliable, up-to-date information on a broad range of medical conditions, illnesses, and situations, including accidents and injuries, aging, cancer, diabetes, digestive disorders, heart disease, mental health disorders, and many othersCovers men's, women's, pediatric (both newborns and older children), and geriatric health issuesWell organized and extensively indexed to make information easy to findAn extraordinary bargain at a penny a pageThe Merck Manual Home Health Handbook is filled with essential medical information that’s both easy to find and easy to understand in order to help you communicate more effectively with your doctor, understand a diagnosis or treatment option, or simply know more about your health and the health of those you care about.


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  •     always an awesome book just wish i would have gotten hard copy instead of on kindle-as not as easy to look up informtion in glossary form--too hard to reference on kindle at least for me
  •     Merck has resliced and rediced its content yet again and come up with the Home Health Handbook (shades of its earlier Merck Manual Home Edition). If you like the Merck Manuals in its myriad incarnations, you'll probably like this one, too: it follows the tired and true Merck Manuals blueprint pretty well.Actually, in fairness, this book looked pretty good and I almost picked up a discounted copy at the local Costco until I noticed a fairly obvious error on the main title page (which is probably why an Amazon preview of the printed version is not available). A closer inspection of random pages revealed other areas of minor sloppiness, suggesting that this effort may have been more of a market grab than a needed addition to the series. I moved along and picked up Complete Guide to Symptoms, Illness & Surgery, 5th Edition (Complete Guide to Symptoms, Illness and Surgery) by H. Winter Griffith, which seems a bit fresher.
  •     [Kindle edition October 2015]I absolutely do recommend the practical Merck Manual Home Health Handbook! So why the 2-stars for the Kindle edition? I'm surprised the Kindle edition is so hobbled to actually use. If I didn't know the print edition fairly well, I would have been completely disappointed in the Kindle edition to the point of calling it a rip-off.The Kindle version lacks the functional usability of the printed book. I was away from my print copy today so I bought this Kindle version out of necessity today.5 stars for the printed book, any edition or version.2 stars, Kindle version. The index in the back begins at 87% of the book position, but there is nothing but words. No links, page numbers, chapter numbers, nothing. I was expecting the functions of one of the Webster's Kindle editions I own. This Kindle book should not have been released without a solution to the index problem. It is 13% of the book, Merck. Hire the right people to do it over. Of course there are no page numbers in Kindle editions, so the chapters as an outline system would give an index a place to point to.The Kindle edition should be designed to make the vast amount of information more easily accessible. The way in which the text, sidebars, and illustrations are presented in the print edition are not at all represented in the plain text Kindle edition.I have not yet compared the actual contents of a chapter of the Kindle edition to my print edition sentence-by-sentence, but I think that I should. I'll update this review at that time.The Kindle edition on my Fire tablet has a pop-out left side menu to chapters that was quite functional, available wherever you are reading in the manual. That was worth a second star on this review. The typical Chapters section near the Kindle edition beginning is laid out strangely, with the contents of a major chapter bundled into a paragraph-sized grouping, as opposed to the way it should look, in a list format..
  •     I had a weird problem with dizziness, and this book totally helped me define it and treat it with the Epley Maneuver. I have had a copy of the Merck Manual in the house for 20 years, and it has been indispensible in giving true, realistic, no-nonsense medical advice that the intelligent layman can understand.
  •     Excellently written, in language any advanced individual will comprehend without needing a medical degree.
  •     Comprehensive - great resource (at a great value) to have at home!
  •     Very Good!
  •     No good index. Can't find stuff.
  •     This book is a very good investment to have in your house! It covers all medical problems in detail.
  •     My go to medical information source. Comprehensive, detailed, but easy to understand. Have used the previous editors for years.
  •     Long ago I owned a copy of the print version of The Merck Medical Manual and I gave it away. I downloaded a copy of The Merck Manual Home Health Handbook and found the Kindle version very readable. The only drawback is I could not figure out how to enlarge the graphics using my Kindle Fire. For this reason I will probably return the Kindle version and order a new print copy of this book as The Merck Medical Manual is a good go-to medical handbook for every household. You will find a wide range of topics covered including:Understanding Medical TermsFundamentals (You will find information on how the body works)Men's Health IssuesWomen's Health IssuesChildren's Health IssuesOlder People's Health IssuesAlong the way you can look up specific information dealing with organ systems, mental health and first aid topics. Informational tips called "Did You Know..." help provide nuggets of topical information related to the general subject being discussed. For example in the section concerning gout you will find a "Did You Know..." topic nugget telling about how gout was once considered a "rich person's disease."There is an interactive table of contents making navigation easy.Recommend with caveats given.
  •     Written for the layman.
  •     Very helpful!
  •     A very useful resource complete with symptoms and treatments. This handbook is very easy to understand and covers all sorts of ailments and conditions. It truly is a must have guide for any and everyone.
  •     When I was in college, I bought a hard cover copy of Merck at the recommendation of a prof and was very pleased. Now, over 40 years later, I have finally given in and bought this much newer edition of this classic. Now that I have a plethora of minor but annoying conditions, I consult this book often to determine what I need to ask the Dr. about.Several years ago, I checked my meds in Merck, and found that I had been accidentally prescribed TWICE the maximum dose of a statin through "clerical error" (those doggone clerics!) and was able to stop in time thanks to my Merck. It never hurts to be informed, and the Merck Manual is usually on the list of "Ten Things I would want on a desert island". Unlike the web, it has massive credibility and has been a staple of home libraries for years. This should be the only medical reference book that you need on your reference shelf.
  •     A must have reference book for nurses. Organized and written for easy navigation. Concise explanations of disease entities and treatments. Have maintained current copy of this great reference book through the many years of my career.
  •     old edition
  •     Love Merck manual. It is good information.

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