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Press: Berkley; 7.7.2013 edition (August 6, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-8
Author Name:Fox, Addison


Sometimes your past is the only link to your future.After a rejuvenating trip to Ireland, Avery Marks can’t help her frustration with the pace of her life in Alaska. 
Back in the small town of Indigo—where everyone knows everyone else’s business—Avery dreams of a bigger life.
But with her ex-boyfriend back in town, it’s hard to get the past out of her head.Drafted by the NHL right out of high school, Roman Forsyth left behind the love of his life to follow his pro career.
With an injury sidelining him, Roman isn’t sure how much longer he’ll be at the top of his game.  He is sure that he wants Avery just as much as he ever did.While Roman wants a chance to make things right, Avery isn’t sure she can just forgive and forget.
But when their long-buried passion sizzles back to life, they need to escape the watchful eyes of the rest of the town long enough to figure out if it’s any harder to stay together than it’s been to stay apart …


Praise for the Alaskan Nights Novels “A sexy, emotional journey of the best kind.”—New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips “Fun, sassy…heartfelt and entertaining.”—Fiction Vixen“Ms. 
Fox is definitely an author to watch.”—The Romance Readers Connection 

About the Author

Addison Fox is the author of the Sons of the Zodiac series and the Alaskan Nights series. She can't remember a time when words weren't a part of her life. 
In addition to being an avid reader, she loves writing novels about strong-willed and exciting heroes and heroines individuals who are meant for each other and who deserve their happy ever after.


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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     I liked their story line. I am glad to be able to read all the three stories once again. Nice set of stories to read on a cold rainy day.
  •     Just In Time is the third book in Addison Fox's Alaskan Nights series. Fans of the series have been waiting for this installment since first meeting Roman and Avery in book one and getting clues to their broken relationship throughout the series. Though the first two installments were light hearted, this story is definitely emotionally weighted. Our couple has a deep past filled with heartbreak and pain. Add in a small Alaskan town whose prime entertainment is butting into each others business and a pair of grandmothers who have romance on the brain and you have a recipe for disaster as our two protagonists attempt to redefine their relationship.Avery has spent her whole life in Indigo, Alaska. Having spent a good portion youth caring for her alcoholic mother, Avery now runs the bar in Roman's mother's hotel. Having recently returned from Ireland where she studied hospitality, she is seeing her future has more options than she ever imagined. She is a self assured, witty, warm hearted person that takes no crap from anyone. She comfortable in her own skin and it shows when dealing with the town and Roman. What I really liked about Avery is she isn't into games or deception. She has no issues with telling you exactly how it is.Roman was harder to pin down. We never really got to know him as well in the series because he isn't around much. Most of what we do hear is from other points of view. Considered a god on the ice, he has some issues (both professionally and personally) that has him reevaluating his life and future. A life that defines him, or so he thinks. He is angry at the town for the pedestal they have placed him on and the fact that he has to deal with the feelings he has buried for the past fourteen years. Yet, he isn't a prima donna. He has a large giving heart and does a lot to show his love for the town and residents.I enjoyed the main element Fox choose to build this story on. Reconnection. Roman and Avery need to reconnect. They need to reacquaint themselves with the adults they have become and learn to let go of the past. That is easier said than done. Avery holds a lot of resentment towards Roman. She has been there, done that, and has the broken heart to prove it. Part of her pain is not only did she lose her lover...but she lost her best friend too. Blaming him for her lack of direction she comes to learn that her choosing to stay in Indigo was not Roman's fault. She owns up to the fact that her life, such as it is, was by her own decisions. Roman also has to learn that he did in fact abandon Avery to achieve his dreams. The gifts he sent home were nothing more than ways to assuage his guilt. He behaved childishly by staying away from Indigo and Avery and it takes a lot for him to finally realise that. Even once he and Avery seem to overcome the past and look towards the future, Roman's insecurities reared their ugly head and we see him being an arse again.The chemistry these two generate is a personable presence in the story. Their anger makes the sexual tension singe the pages. These two weave, bob, and bicker with each other throughout the entire story. There are multiple sub plots that branch out from the main storyline. We see a secondary romance blossom for a special character and we learn that not everyone is happy with the town's gossipy nature. Roman's issues are eventually brought out in the forefront and we begin to understand his fears better.The secondary characters continue to amuse and exasperate. Such an eccentric group. This town is a perfect example of small town residents. Nosy, gregarious, and truly caring about everything going on. We see more of Grier and Mick and get to watch Sloan and Walker tie the knot. Their lives are on track and I enjoyed visiting with them again. I especially loved Avery's and Julia's relationship. Julia is one of the few people who doesn't see Roman through rose colored glasses and truly understands Avery's reluctance to go down this path with him again.A few things that bothered me was the amount of time it took Avery and Roman to finally address their problems. So much rehashing of old resentments and feelings with little advancement and even less honest communication. I felt like we were listening to a broken record that can't skip to the next song. The pacing is extremely slow up and doesn't execute well. I was ready to slap Roman for not coming clean about his feelings or his problems. He has a bad habit of assuming things and making decisions that affected the both of them. Avery does a much better job of moving forward and I liked that she was willing to fight for what she wanted even if he wasn't.Even with Roman's stupid moments (and there were quite a lot of them), the story was still a enjoyable to read with plenty of humor and laugh out loud scenes. The ending comes fast; wrapping everything up nice and tight and giving us a sweet HEA and epilogue.Rating: C+
  •     Very boring. Skimmed the last 25% of the book in an attempt to get to the end and read something better.
  •     In this one, Roman comes back to Indigo for a longer visit - but he's hiding his NHL career ending eye injury, and figuring out what to do next in his life.
  •     Again Ms. Fox has entertained us with tales of the inhabitants from Indigo. A delightful love story with meaning and thoughtfulness.
  •     I read all 3 books, and it was a great completion to the series. These are fun reads that make you really root for the girls to find happiness.
  •     If you've followed the Alaskan Night series like me, you've probably been patiently waiting for Avery Marks to get her novel with ice hockey champion Roman Forsyth (the last...
  •     I'd been waiting for this book to come out for months after reading Baby It's Cold Outside and Come Fly With Me back to back 9 months ago - I was not disappointed at all!
  •     I loved Addison Fox's two previous books about Indigo, but this book really fell flat to me. No excitement, fewer laughs. Too many emotional extremes. Everyone was either super happy to the point of being annoyingly perky, or miserable and argumentative. The only characters that seemed 'normal' and enjoyable were the kids on the hockey team, and Roman's grandmother and her new boyfriend. There were no surprises in this book, and the sex scenes once again are chock full of the excessive use of "apex of her thighs." I'm ready to make a drinking game out of this line at this point.Avery and Roman definitely feel like soulmates and a natural fit together, but I didn't care enough about either one of them in this book. Perhaps I expected to much from the teasers we got of them in the previous two books. The tense words and actions whenever they briefly encountered eachother. But instead we got a boring ex back in town trying to get some action from his old sweetheart, and most of the town egging them on! The entitlement of Roman and even the townspeople who just expect them to reunite was insulting. This last installment of the series seems to revert to all the cliches I mentioned disliking when I reviewed the first book. The first book managed to seem fresh, fun and quirky. This third book feels frozen, stale and a downer.Also, maybe it's just me but many times the dialogue is written in such a way that I can't figure out who is saying what in the conversation. This happened with the first 2 books but seems to happen more often in this book, and it made it hard to read at times.I really wanted to love this book, but I just couldn't.
  •     Cute and sweet, this romance delivered pretty much what was expected. There were no real surprises, but reading about the Alaskan summer was a fun change, and the characters were...
  •     This was my favorite of the three books. I liked the characters and thought it was good. The only thing I didn't like which has been a constant theme in her other books in this...
  •     Read on August 07, 2013Read for Fun (Kindle)Overall Rating: 4.00Story Rating: 3.50Character Rating: 4.50First Thought When Finished: I loved going back to Indigo, Alaska! In fact, I wouldn't mind moving there LOLQuick Thoughts: I love the Alaskan Nights series. It has a great balance of friendships, busy body grandmas, romance, smexy hot times, and town quirkiness. If you love reads that will make you laugh, are set in small towns with well-meaning *cough* *cough* nosy neighbors, characters that need to whack their heads on something to get a clue, and some really strong friendships that make everything better-then Just In Time is for you. It truly is just a fun romp that will make you wish for snow, ice skating, and in this case, summers in Alaska!Final Note: Just In Time has one hot hockey player, one hot bar owner (SWOON WORTHY) from Ireland, and a sauna/hot pool room that gets a lot of action. Plus a really sweet side romance that I am really glad that happened.
  •     I awaited this novel about Roman and Avery, but I found it slow going. It seemed to be repetitive and tedious in sections. Perhaps better editing would have moved the story along in a better fashion. I hope the next in this series will be more enjoyable.
  •     When Roman Forsyth was drafted by the NHL right out of high school, he wasn't going to let anything stand in his way, even if it meant leaving behind his family and friends in the small town of Indigo, Alaska. Even if it meant leaving the love of his life, Avery Marks. Fast forward 14 years, Avery is no longer the heartbroken teenager he left behind. Successful in her own right and confident in the new person she's become, Avery sees no reason to fall back in Roman's arms just because he happens to home for his best friend's wedding- no matter what the rest of the town or Roman himself thinks. Yet she almost can't help herself from wondering if giving the MVP a second chance might not be the worst idea.At times ridiculously slow, yes the two characters had an amazing connection in high school, move on already, and yet other times author Addison Fox leaves the reader longing to call for a time out. Readers will sit on the edge of their seats wondering if the two will ever make it work once and for all.-Lanine Bradley, posted on Sacramento Book Review
  •     I love this series, great characters, great story and can't wait for more books by this author. All the books in this series are sweetand hot.

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