Criminal Law for the Criminal Justice Professional (B&B Criminal Justice)

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Press: McGraw-Hill Education; 3 edition (June 6, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-6
Author Name:Garland, Norman M
Edition:3rd Edition


In this third edition of Criminal Law for the Criminal Justice Professional, Norman M. 
Garland―through his multiple perspectives as a Professor of Law, a former criminal defense attorney, and a former prosecutor―presents a comprehensive introduction to the basic criminal law structure at the heart of the criminal justice system in the United States.
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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     Easy read! Great book for intro wonderers of Law. Love how fast the book came in the mail. Very helpful. This was my first time using amazon and definitely won't be the last!!
  •     Certain items are great as a digital download. However, I find that educational textbooks are not (at least in law) better in digital. This Crim Law title is my second digital download. After my first digital download, Business Law; I swore I would not download another digital textbook. Try answering questions in the back of every chapter and then, try to thumb back and forth, back and forth to look and to compare legal concepts in a digital format. And digital, in my opinion, doesn't outweigh the tactile feel and flexibility of a real book. Oh how I yearn to have little post-its marking my pages. At least with Business Law, I was able to read it on the go with my iPhone, iPad, or in a big screened reading event on my iMac (via kindle reader)--that was a plus!Consequence of my procrastination, I couldnt wait for the shipping time to purchase this title. So I justified this digital download with the "give it a second chance" "it's delivered now!" and "you can also enjoy the digital flexibility of reading it on the iPhone, iPad, or iMAC" benefits. I was wrong, this title cannot be read on any format other than my iPad (also readable on the kindle, of course) but not on the iPhone or iMac. It would've been nice if Amazon had in big bold magenta type, a notice that this title was limited on viewers--in comparison to the other digital book. I would've suffered the consequence of falling behind in class by not downloading the digital version, and waited for the real thing. Then I'd have a better format of the book for the duration of the semester.In the end, I can only recount my experience with this digital title vs. other digital titles; and overall digital downloads vs. the real tactile feel of a "real" book. Take into consideration what I have here, measure it against your own wants and needs, and decide whether a digital download of a textbook is right for you?
  •     The book came on time and it was in the condition stated on the website. It is for school and I love how it breaks the topics down. Very informative. Thank you very much I appreciate your service.
  •     The book is used but I cannot tell. I spent way, way less than I would have for a brand new textbook, and when it arrived (earlier than expected), that was a bonus.
  •     Served its purpose
  •     Well worth the price got the job done
  •     Not bad for a used rental.
  •     Perfect
  •     This book was great. I used this book in my concepts of criminal law book. it covers mainly different crimes, their classification/ definition, and has some awesome scenarios that really help with understanding the course material. It gave me a broader understanding of Criminal Law. I really loved this book.
  •     Very good book. Helps in class as the teacher goes over it.
  •     the book is in really bad shape for the price. I regret buying this product.
  •     Received the book in good condition and is exactly what I needed for my class requirement to finish my degree.
  •     This book as great to study from and all of the answers and things you need to know are at the end of the chapter in the cheaper summary. Answer the review questions and you will ace any test you have based on the book.
  •     For the most part this book is informative and a great introduction to the criminal justice system... however it makes some offhanded remarks and comments about specific things that were obviously not researched and just assumed (in one instance the author remarked on my line of work and it was clear he had no experience or research into it).
  •     good conditions :)

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