Exceptional Learners: An Introduction to Special Education (12th Edition)

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Press: Pearson Education; 12 edition (January 6, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-1
Author Name:Hallahan, Daniel P.; Kauffman, James M.; Pullen, Paige C.
Edition:12th Edition


Exceptional Learners is an outstanding introduction to the characteristics of exceptional learners and their education, emphasizing classroom practices as well as the psychological, sociological, and medical aspects of disabilities and giftedness. 
In keeping with this era of accountability, all discussions and examples of educational practices are grounded in a sound research base.
With hundreds of new references added to the 12th edition, the authors are committed to bringing themost current and credibleperspectives to bear on the ever-increasing complexity of educating students with special needs in today’s schools.
The authors have written a text that reaches the heart as well as the mind, promoting a conviction that professionals working with exceptional learners need to develop not only a solid base of knowledge, but also a healthy attitude toward their work and the people whom they serve, and constantly challenge themselves to acquire a solid understanding of current theory, research, and practice in special education and to develop an ever more sensitive understanding of exceptional learners and their families.
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About the Author

Daniel P. 
Hallahan is the the Charles S.
Robb Professor of Education and Director of Doctoral Studies for the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia.
He was the inaugural occupant of the Virgil S.
Ward Professor of Education Endowed Chair from 1996 to 1998 and was appointed to the university’s Cavaliers’ Distinguished Teaching Professorship from 2002 to 2004.
He received the University of Virginia Outstanding Teaching Award in 1998.
In 2003, he was one of ten recipients of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia’s Outstanding Faculty Award.
He has served on numerous editorial boards and was the inaugural editor of Exceptionality.
He is a past president of the Division for Learning Disabilities of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), and in 2000 he received the CEC Career Research Award.
He has contributed over 100 journal articles and co-authored or co-edited 17 books.
In addition to Exceptional Learners, his most recent Allyn & Bacon books are Hallahan, Lloyd, Kauffman, Weiss, & Martinez (2005), Learning disabilities: Foundations, characteristics, and effective teaching (3rd ed.) and Kauffman, J.
M., & Hallahan, D.
Special education: What it is and why we need it.
James M.
Kauffman is Professor Emeritus of Education at the University of Virginia, where he held both the William Clay Parrish chair (1992-1994) and the Charles S.
Robb chair (1999 until retirement in 2003) in education.
In 2007, his former students edited a book in his honor, Crockette, J.B., Gerber, M.M., & Landrum, T.J.
(Eds.), Achieving the Radical Reform of Special Education: Essays in Honor of James M.Kauffman.
Among his otherhonors and awards are the 2006 Award for Effective Presentation of Behavior Analysis in the Mass Media from the Society for Applied Behavior Analysis, the 2002 Outstanding Leadership Award from the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders,the 1997 OUtstanding Faculty Award from the Curry Schoolof Education Foundation, and the 1994 Research Award from the Countil for Exceptional Children.
He is a past president of the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders (CCBD) and a former teacher in both general elementary and special education for students with emotional or behavioral disorders.
He is author or co-author of more than 100 journalpublications in special education and author or co-author of numerous books, including the following: Kauffman, J.M., & Landrum, T.J., Characteristics of Emotinal and Behavioral Disorders of Children and Youth (9th ed.); Kauffman, J.M., & Brigham, F.J., Working withTroubled Children; and Kauffman, J.M.
The Tragicomedy of Public Education: Laughing and Crying, Thinking and Fixing.
Paige C.
Pullen is an associate professor of special education at the University of Virginia.
Pullen teaches courses in reading methods for students with reading disabilities and reading diagnosis and remediation.
She has served as an investigator on several large-scale projects funded by the NICHD and OSEP.
Her primary area of interest and research is early literacy development and the prevention of reading disabilities.
Pullen has also worked extensively with schools and serves as a consultant for the Eastern Regional Reading First Technical Assistance Center (ERRFTAC).
She is the co-author of Phonological Awareness Assessment and Instruction with Dr.
Holly Lane, and Students with Learning Disabilities, with Dr.
Cecil Mercer.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     Great book and my copy was in great condition. It had a lot of valuable information about students with disabilities, their families, ways to help transition, and resources. This information is important for all teachers to know, not just Special Educators, and I highly recommend it!
  •     To be honest, this is probably one of the best textbooks I've ever used. It's a great resource that tells you about various disabilities and methods of educating those with disabilities. It's also very clear about the laws that are currently in place for those with disabilities and gives you clear definitions of everything.I especially like the sections where it talks about real children and their disabilities and the various ways teams have worked together to develop education plans for the children.This is definitely a great resource if your a teacher, studying to be a teacher, or even if you just want to know more about those with disabilities.
  •     I had to have this book for college class and it was very interesting to read and learn from. If you work in the educational system it is a great book to educate yourself more about special needs children. I was happy Amazon had it in a rental and it came in very good condition.
  •     I bought this book because I needed it for a class, but found it quite interesting and helpful in learning more about a wide variety of exceptional learners. I did not need the online access for my class, but did not know that until after I had already bought the version with it. Since I did not use the access code I sold this textbook back to Amazon and did not keep it as a reference book. In the future though I will look for a more affordable used copy that I can hold onto.
  •     The book was in great condition, and it has been really helpful in my studies as a future teacher.
  •     The book got here really fast and there were little to no marking!
  •     The description was accurate and came when we expected.
  •     Not what I thought it would be
  •     The text is awesome at delivering informationa nd making it easy to find. Everything is clear and thoroughly explained.
  •     The book was in very poor condition, but the information is relevant and helpful to me as a teacher.
  •     The condition of the book I rented was described as "good". I would have chosen "excellent" as the rating for the condition of the book. It is clean, undamaged, and no marks have been made on the pages.The book itself, at first, was extremely overwhelming to me with all the facts that teachers face not only in general education, but in special education. After almost a month and three chapters read to date, I am now seeing things come together. We also have an excellent teacher to explain all the ins and outs of special education.In short, I find the book to be packed full of new information, to me, which has really opened my eyes to the special needs and relationships in this field. I look forward to reading the rest of the book and exspanding my knowledge of this area further.My admiration for teachers was already very high, but it has now jumped even further up the scale.Thank you for your attention.Roxanne Fuldner
  •     It's great. Would buy from these people again.
  •     Exactly how it's advertised
  •     The book was fine, and in perfect condition, I easily found binder for the loose pages that were nicely tightly wrapped. There could be other advantages to having the pages loose especially during open book quizes. The glossary or dictionary could be pulled out and available without flipping. The ease in which something might be pulled out and copied. It did take a long time to get here, so long that I thought I would have to order from another company and did, just to cancel that order in less than 24 hours because of its 11th hour arrival. If it had arrived sooner, I would give it 5 stars.
  •     For those of us who are new to teaching in general or to special education specifically, it provides a nice overview of the issues, the legal requirements (in the U.S., anyway), the ways to spot an exceptional learner, and approaches to take when teaching. Some of this may not be useful for non-U.S. teachers. I appreciated that this edition exists, nonetheless, as it covers the same material as the other editions whilst being markedly more affordable.
  •     The book offers a lot of great insight into the world of special education processes, but anyone who is require to take an educational psychology course will probably find it a BIT redundant. Of course there are many more sensitive issues at stake in Hallahan's book than in most Ed. Psych books but the authors tend to use outdated terminology that is common in secondary teaching practices such as "tiered assignments" which is commonly and most universally known as "scaffolding." Great work on the IEP process and maintenance issue though and definitely a must in any teacher's personal library.
  •     The pages of my book were bound to each other, but not to the book's cover.
  •     It's just a textbook

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