The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors: How to Use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to Build and Grow Your Business

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Press: Bloomberg Press; 1 edition (July 31, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-7
Author Name:Matthew Halloran


Expert advice for financial advisors looking to make the most of social media platforms  Social media is everywhere. 
3.5 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook each week, 22 million professionals are networking on LinkedIn, and 140 million tweets are posted every day.
The opportunities these platforms present for financial advisors are huge, but most advisors have no idea how to use them to build bigger, stronger client bases.
The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors: How to Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to Build and Grow Your Business shows how to make the most of these new tools, offering invaluable advice about how to connect with potential clients in the twenty first century.
For most advisors, converting prospects into clients is their top priority, and social media presents incredible opportunities for sealing the deal.
Sales don't happen because clients are impressed by complicated charts, they happen because they're impressed by your social media presence, and by properly understanding how to make these new platforms work for you, you'll be positioned to see your business boom.
Designed to teach financial advisors how to use social media to better market their services to attract new clients and referrals Presents expert communication advice from top financial advisor coach Matthew Halloran Categorizes communicators in a unique new way Teaches financial advisors how to use social media in new, highly effective ways that they've never even considered An essential resource for wealth managers and financial advisors looking to amplify their marketing message and raise their visibility in a crowded marketplace, The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors is the only book you need to make yourself heard.

From the Back Cover

Praise for The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors "Matt Halloran and Crystal Thies have written the preeminent book for advisors looking to leverage social media. 
This is a must-read for each and every financial advisor that wants to grow their business in the 21st Century." —Matt Ackermann, Online Editor in Chief, SourceMedia "A social media 'turn-on.' The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors is not the typical guide to social media with a staggering number of tedious pages to wade through and sold by the pound.
Crystal Thies and Matt Halloran have created an easy-to-read, informative resource filled with setup for beginners, proper guidance for everyone, and real-world examples that will help every independent financial advisor looking to benefit from using social media—both those just starting and those knee-deep.
Not a social media inhibitor but a motivator to fully implement LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter into your advisory practice." —Barry A.
Weinstein, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Advisor Products Inc.
"I have worked with Matt Halloran for years, and his enthusiasm for helping others to succeed knows no bounds.
Here he takes a topic, social media, that most financial advisors regard with a mix of fear, loathing, and misperception, and makes it approachable.
Any FA even remotely curious about the power of this tool, be it for raising visibility, communicating with clients, prospective clients, peers, or the media, will appreciate this book." —Jason Lahita, MBA, Director, Cognito Los Angeles "Financial advisors seeking a comprehensive strategy on how to increase exposure through social media need this book.
Crystal's command of the topic is second to none and her specific strategies showcased here work; I've used them." —Ned Van Riper, cofounder,

About the Author

Matthew Halloran first became interested in social media when Myspace was the place to be. 
With over 80,000 Twitter followers with a 99 percent effectiveness rating, 1,000 LinkedIn connections, and 700 Facebook fans, he knows how to gain followers to help build business.
Having coached and consulted hundreds and spoken to thousands of financial advisors, Halloran knows how financial advising practices work, and believes that social media is the new marketing frontier for transforming the prospecting aspect of any financial services practice.
He is the Director of National Development for GIVE Strategy, a mission-driven company that focuses on helping connect financial advisors, CPAs, estate planning attorneys, clients, and planned giving directors to redirect $1 billion to charity, and the founder and President of Top Advisor Coaching.
CRYSTAL THIES first learned of LinkedIn while deciding to return to financial planning, an industry she left for almost a decade to focus on charitable giving in the nonprofit sector.
Thies saw LinkedIn and social media as the way to quickly reignite her financial planning practice while combining her two key knowledge bases of financial planning and charitable giving.
The call of social media won out, and Thies started Crystal Clear Buzz, LLC.
For more than three years, she has helped small and large businesses, sales teams, and sales professionals use social media for sales and business development.
Because of her experience and expertise as a licensed financial planner, Thies's clients include many RIAs and financial advisors, in addition to major broker-dealers, wirehouses, and banks.
Thies is known as the "LinkedIn Ninja"—a title given to her by her clients and followers.


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Comment List (Total:8)

  •     This is a must read - and has the potential to transform ANY professional services business - not just FA. The book covers the landscape from compliance to HootSuite, and pretty much everything in between. It will walk you, step by step, through set up, strategies,pitfalls, compliance issues, suggestions for SEO, add-ons and management tools, as well as the latest in trend and tips on who to target and how to target them. This is a must have and must read book - for any professional looking to grow their practice - legal, accounting, FA or consulting. The tips transcend industry.
  •     As a 20-something year old, I found it a bit elementary. Especially when it went over the basics of setting up accounts. On the other hand, as someone who is fairly fluent in social media I was still able to find value in it.
  •     After many years in the financial services industry, Matt Halloran and Crystal Thies completely understand the world of a financial advisor -- the need to market to attract and retain clients, the need to demonstrate expertise, and the need to navigate the important compliance standards established by broker dealers.They have written, The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors, with all of these needs in mind --clearly and entertainingly guiding advisors through the opportunities and the potential pitfalls of social media. This book is a "must read" for those advisors who have already entered the social media space, and for those advisors who are ready to take the leap.Matt and Crystal help to remove the anxiety from the social media process, and show advisors how to compliantly build an online following and win the trust and business of new clients.
  •     Book was well written and very helpful I liked it a lot and would recommend it to any financial advisor who is interested in social media
  •     The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors is a great thought provoking book for anyone new or experienced in social media. This book will give you the baseline knowledge and for those of you with experience it will give you the practical uses for the Financial Industry. A great addition to any advisor's collection.
  •     A lot of great information was provided. Now I need to just to put a plan together to implement all the recommendations or ideas.
  •     The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors: How to Use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to Build and Grow Your Business (Bloomberg Financial)I am reading this book over and over (and over). As a financial person who deals with the daily need for new business and new clients, I found this book to be the perfect tool for getting to understand the value of the Big Three social media vehicles and what they can mean to a financial services person. As much as I have been on Facebook and LinkedIn, I had absolutely no idea of the power these things can have to help you develop relationships and, later, clients. Both authors are accomplished veterans of social media in their own right, as well the finance and investment industry. This is must reading for the financial services person who's been hiding behind the "this is a face to face trust building business" mantra as I once did. Wake up, Dude, the revolution's well underway. Finally, and thankfully, the authors start by addressing the area all of us have come to love so well: compliance. Two thumbs up for Halloran and Thies!
  •     If you are a Financial Planner or it the field, you should get this book. It will help solidify the world of social media within your practice.

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