Living the Liberated Life and Dealing with the Pain Body (Power of Now Teaching Ser.)

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Press:Sounds True Sounds True, Incorporated; Unabridged edition (October 2001)
Publication Date:2001-10
Author Name:Eckhart Tolle


Somewhere between the past and the future lies a dimension that is free of problems, free of suffering, free of conflict. 
This is the essence of all the world's spiritual teachings.
And it is available to you now, in the moment you read this.
In Living the Liberated Life and Dealing with the Pain-Body, bestselling author Eckhart Tolle points a way out of the conditioned mind that keeps us trapped, helpless, and unhappy.
In simple language, he describes a deeper level of consciousness beyond the limited thinking mind, and the way to make it available to you.
He teaches that only by fully accepting this moment in time can you free yourself from the pain-body, the accumulated pain of your past, and from your fears about the future.
Once you achieve this state of presence, a radical inner transformation begins that connects you with an infinite potential that defies the human mind.
Warmly shared, in the authentic voice that has brought him international acclaim, here is Eckhart Tolle's simple and profound gift to us, at a time when our world needs it most.

About the Author

Spiritual author and teacher Eckhart Tolle was born in Germany on February 16, 1948. 
He lived in Spain and England before settling in Vancouver, Canada in 1995.
He received his education at the Universities of London and Cambridge.
Following several sustained periods of depression, at the age of 29 he experienced an enlightenment that dramatically changed the course of his life.
His subsequent spiritual teachings have focused on awareness of the present moment, freedom from negativity, and the attainment of inner peace.
He does not align himself with any specific religion or tradition.
He has written numerous books including The Power of Now; A New Earth; Stillness Speaks; and Practicing the Power of Now.
He is a public speaker who teaches and travels throughout the world.
In January 2008, A New Earth was selected for Oprah Winfrey's book club.


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Comment List (Total:14)

  •     Tolle takes us to the present moment - a wonderful place! I highly recommend for women especially as Tolle explains the pain body appearance that occurs as PMS. We bought this cd set after listening to library copy. Had to own it!
  •     This CD helped me put into practice more deeply the teachings in the book "The Power of Now". It also clarified a lot of things that I didn't fully understand or needed expanding. This is an excellent companion to the book and I highly recommend it to anyone.Please do not pay any attention to the 'reviewers' that rated this CD as anything but 5 stars. Their problem probably wasn't about the material itself. It is top notch.
  •     I'm a big fan of Eckhart Tolle's work, so of course I'd recommend this and any other books or CDs by him. It's as if he was able to condense the great teachings of the world into a simple, direct methodology for ending suffering and being happy regardless of how the mind and ego experience past, future and present circumstances. Walking the narrow path of continuously being present in the moment takes discipline, but for me it's well worth it.
  •     Very good. I purchased to gain understanding of my ex and ended up discovering more about myself.
  •     I love Eckhart. Wouldn't recommend listening while utilizing heavy machinery. But I never tire of hearing him and his wisdom shared over and over again.
  •     Having read some of the reviews and ideas I am afraid I have to agree about the way Tolle is marketing himself.
  •     I have listened to Living a Liberated Life several times now and each time I learn something new. Tolle brings a new perspective to the source of pain in our lives.
  •     The book and its teachings are very nice in the absolute and is meant to be a "feel good" sort of band aid with no relevance to some of us who live in worn torn countries or...
  •     This was the first audio I ever heard of Eckhart, back in 2004 I believe. Since then I have heard a lot of it, and I value it more highly than his books. "Something shines through the words" he says, and indeed it does. I remember being quite surprised at how deep and resonant his voice is the first few times I heard this. Anyway, this is an excerpted recording of what appears to be one workshop in which the subject of human pain/pain body came up and it is very good. If you have suffered a lot of stress, traumas, injury or you just feel less than good a lot of the time, it is likely that you could benefit greatly from Eckhart's revolutionary insights into human emotional suffering. I say revolutionary because in all the spiritual teachings and respected teachers I have explored, I have never seen anything addressing the topic of past pain that lives within us, and more importantly how to deal with it. Really, what makes this audio exceptional is the delicate balance he strikes between discussing this pain and discussing what could be considered more positive aspects of the teaching he offers, like how nature celebrates life-and we are returning to that state, how the pain body becomes our greatest ally, and itself turns into intense aliveness and vitality when freed, and the joy that we can feel as the "inner body". The third disc adresses the dissolving of karma (evidently karma and pain body are nearly the same thing)and contains a q&a session regarding children's pain bodies, pain bodies in relationships, bringing consciousness into work environments, and dealing with the pain of great lossI recommend getting the "eckhart audio collection" (this with realization of being and even the sun will die) because it is a good deal and "Realization of Being" is fantastic as well. Enjoy
  •     I have listened to this several times...and find out something new each time.
  •     Excellent--I recommend it to anyone interested in growing consciousness.
  •     I would recommend this as a third book after reading "The Power of Now" and "A New Earth". This book answered so many of the specific questions I had about how to bring consciousness into my life. have the audio version, and keep it in my car. For me, hearing Eckhart Tolle read his books adds a level of understanding that I just don't get when I read them myself.
  •     I actually listened to this same thing on the tapes (the companion to the Power of Now) from a friend while I was waiting for this CD to ship to me. I really enjoyed them! I think it is still definatly more helpful to have read the book first. The book is the main thing, this is just a supplement to help people further understand and go deeper into what the book already sais. It isn't here to teach anything new, the book is so complete in it's message there is no more to say really, Eckhart Tolle has said it all but these tapes or CD's are very interesting and usefull in that you get to hear Eckhart's voice which gives you a new sort of calming sense as you listen. He also goes over a lot of the material from the book and words things differently which sometimes is very helpful in understanding something as profound (yet ironically so simple)as enlightenment. I highly reccomend these to anyone who has read the book. I also want to add that I was dissapointed in reading some of the other reveiws for Eckharts other supplement book. People seemed dissapointed or even angry or cheated that the information in the book was not brand new stuff! What do you expect?? The Power of Now is it. There is no more. These other tapes,CD's and smaller books are just exerpts from the main teaching.
  •     This set of CDs talks about how the lack of being present-to-life shows up in our personal lives. I have been working on personal growth work for years and I have listened to dozens of authors. This one CD is packed with clues about where I can become more conscious and improve my experience in life. Anyone truly interested in personal introspection and willing to confront the negative aspects of their life will find this to be an excellent self-help tool.

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