I Can Do It 2013 Calendar: 365 Daily Affirmations

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Press: Hay House; Pag edition (September 1, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-9
Author Name:Hay, Louise L.


The energy of this year is one of freedom, change, and expanding your boundaries. 
Louise L.
Hay's I CAN DO IT 2013 Calendar offers you 366 positive thoughts, affirmations, and words of wisdom to help you manifest love, success, health, and overall well-being.This beautifully designed calendar is the perfect gift for friends, family membersCand, of course, you, because you can do it .
no matter what "it" is!

About the Author

Louise L. 
Hay, the author of the international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher with more than 50 million books sold worldwide.
For more than 25 years, she has helped people throughout the world discover and implement the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing.
She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and many other TV and radio programs both in the U.S.
and abroad.



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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     What a well put together and very inspirational daily calendar. I really enjoyed reading the new inspirational sayings that came everyday as I ripped off the previous days message. I ended up saving all of the pages and often reflect back to them when I'm in need of some inspiration. Louise Hay has this beautiful way with words. She just knows what to say and how to say it.
  •     I love Louise Hay's sayings. That is why I buy her I Can Do It calendars for myself and my friends.Unfortunately, for 2013, the print is very small, especially for us who are no longer youngsters. I want to easily be able to read the calendar as it is propped up on my counter.In the 2013 calendar the pictures are large, and the print small. I wish it were reversed. Please, next year, have LARGE PRINT and smaller pictures.Thanks.Liz
  •     I love the messages every day. i have been buying these calendars for years.however i liked the old art work beter than the photos.
  •     I chose this rating because while the contents are not that bad the way it was manufactured is absolutely the worst I have ever seen. The whole thing is falling apart! I don't think the description really describes how this calendar works. I like Louse Hay and always want to hang on to anything she says but these tear away calendar pages have to be thrown away immediately otherwise you'll have a big mess all over your desk. You know I ordered this calendar already more than half way into the year but I was thinking thats okay it will still be cool to have the months that have already gone by. I was thinking I can still keep them and go back and reflect on those pages. WRONG! The darn thing is a mess and trying to hang on to any of those past pages just turns into a bunch of loose papers on your desk. So 6 months into the trash right off the bat and if I had really understood what i was getting i would have never ordered it. Very disappointed with this product and I would not recommend it to anyone!
  •     This was and is a great calendar I will order another one for 2014. The pics are nice and the quotes are encouraging.
  •     After reading these daily affirmations on my co-worker's desk when I was in a training rotation, and now on my desk as a permanent employee, they bring so much positivity and joy...
  •     I prefer the large print on every page to the images.You can barely read the small print as the image dominates the daily affirmation.
  •     I do love the messages every day but the stand is made kind a flimpsy. It was either to straight up or kept falling down, so I finally put some Scotch tape on it to keep it...
  •     I buy the desktop calendar every year. This years is extra nice, love all the pretty scenery. Great pick me ups through out the week, good thoughts to ponder.
  •     Love this calender of daily affirmations. They are short and sweet. Every month starts off on a new topic, and the days that follow for that month are sayings that pertain to it.
  •     This is by far the BEST Inspirational flip calendar on the market. I order 2 every year. One for home and one for work. The daily affirmations help me stay focused every day. I HIGHLY recommend it. Many thanks!
  •     Love it! very motivational!
  •     my favorite gift to give
  •     This calendar seems to be a great daily reminder to keep it simple, love myself and maintain a positive attitude. Not terribly deep, but profound and direct. Overall, I'm glad I have it and may well purchase another next year.
  •     This calendar is easily the best positive thinking calendar I've ever bought. It reminds me to keep strong, happy, positive, hopeful, faithful, and appreciative of life. I have suffered of clinical depression and anxiety in the past, and I can tell you that if you are struggling (or not), don't underestimate the value of a little positive line a day. This calendar will help shift your outlook and transform your thoughts from negative to positive. It you can afford this calendar, buy it now! It will make your life a little better each day. :) Enjoy it!
  •     I've been getting these calendars for years and love them. The artwork is always cool and the messages an inspiration. I have a friend who I give this calendar to every year for her birthday and together we enjoy the message of the day. It is usually perfect for my life at the time.
  •     I tried another calendar this year and ended up replacing it with this once again. Have purchased this calendar each year for 15-20 yrs.
  •     Very pretty pictures. Thought some of the sayings were inspiring and motivating but some are too specific. Also the pages come off too easy.

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