Cannabis Indica Volume 2: The Essential Guide to the World's Finest Marijuana Strains

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Press: Green Candy Press; Second Edition edition (September 18, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-9
Author Name:Oner, S.T.


Cannabis plants are classified into two groups: indica and sativa. 
This book focuses on indica — the most popular marijuana type in the United States — a bushier and heavier plant that famously induces (among other highs) a desire to sit quietly on the couch and relax.
More than a dozen states are considering legalization of medical marijuana — in addition to the 15 in which it has already been legalized — and readers across the U.S.
are desperate for more information.
Featuring 100 strains of amazing indica-dominant genetics and 100 different breeders, this book is a must-have for pot enthusiasts.
No other strain guide series has looked at Cannabis indica in such depth, making this guide a must-have for connoisseurs and growers looking to expand their knowledge about the plant and the genetics in their gardens.

About the Author

Oner is the best-selling author of Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide and Marijuana Chef Cookbook, both bestsellers in the genre and published by Green Candy Press.
He is also the editor of Cannabis Indica: The Essential Guide to the World's Finest Marijuana Strains, Volume I and Cannabis Sativa: The Essential Guide to the World's Finest Marijuana Strains, Volume I, both of which have gone on to become classics in the marijuana strain guide genre.Mel Thomas is the best-selling author of Cannabis Cultivation: A Complete Grower's Guide, now in its third edition and published by Green Candy Press.
Code-named MR.
BIG by detectives the author was eventually arrested after a covert operation involving over 30 officers from four separate police forces and charged with conspiring to produce $4 million dollars of marijuana.
When sentencing the author the trial judge called him "A horticultural expert involved in a resolute and successful attempt to grow marijuana on a commercial scale." He wasn't wrong.


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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     Looking for something to show you what you've been token on. Look no farther this book has maybe hundreds of strains as well as notes from breeders and his own complication of notes and comments
  •     This is a book for marijuana lovers everywhere. Most of what is out there, at least in my state, you see a lot more Indicas than Sativas. So You can look up different strains you have tried and learn about new strains and where to aquire seeds.PS. In most states it is illegal to grow marijuana. Do not break the law!!!!
  •     pics are great, but text is laughable and not very informative.
  •     Ok it told all about each different cannabis
  •     Would have given it a 5 but page 30 Cripit THC 32 % not possible . It's fun to read but after that don't know what is fact or fiction .
  •     early pre-sale savings,the selection of strains,info. about each,some who,what,where,how info...Get The Complete Set Let Your Eye's Have A Treat...Enjoy The View...
  •     I highly recommend this book. Although I cannot read, I liked looking at the very colorful pictures. My momma always said pictures are worth a thousand words.
  •     good guide to your indica strains I recommend getting this volume because there are apparently more indica strains than there are stavia.
  •     Personally I would give this book 2 stars but I will add a star because this time pretty much every plant is in fact indica dominant (as apposed to the sativa book, where many of the strains were actually indica dominant but labeled sativa). He still has a lot of misinformation, such as when he says bubba kush has sativa characteristics and is sweet like bubblegum. ANYBODY who has smoked bubba kush (and there are a lot of us) knows its profile is nothing like bubblegum (its a coffee, cocoa and earthy smoke for those who dont know). I still dont like how smell descriptions are often left out and it would be nice if you could add smell and taste to the side caption thing, but who has time for that?
  •     Pages 194-5 show the Wild Zombie by Marijuana Max
  •     Getting started with mmj. Needed this info!!! ordered the set.
  •     Great series. Pictures and content perfect
  •     Wide variety of indicas bless this book and a great introduction by Mel Thomas to boot. Nice descriptions and Wonderful photo work throughout which makes a great coffee table book.I can't believe they featured the BLue Magoo, t's one of my favorite strains :) wow! nice work green candy press and company
  •     Just as great as the first volume. S.T.Oner really shows the beautiful side to M.J. Strains and strain producers, indicas.
  •     an excellent resource for bud tenders and cannabis business related individuals. Very helpful in keeping up with the constantly changing field.

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