Uncertain Risks Regulated (Law, Science and Society)

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Press: Routledge-Cavendish; 1 edition (October 12, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-6
Edition:1st Edition


Uncertain Risks Regulatedcompares various models of risk regulationin orderto understand how these systems shape the relationship between law and science, and how they attempt to overcome public distrust in science-based decision-making.Thebookcontributesto the ongoing debate relating to uncertainty and risks-and the difficultiesfaced bythe European Union in particular- inregulating theses issues, taking account of both national and international constraints. 
The term'uncertain risk'is comparable with notions of hazard and indeterminate risk, as deployed within the social sciences; butitalsoaimsto capture the modern regulatory reality thatanon-quantifiable hazard must still be addressed by society, law and its regulators.
Decisions must be taken in the face of uncertainty.
And,whilstit is not possible to provide clear cut models of risk regulation, infocusing on regulatory practices atanational, EU and international level, thecontributors to this volumeaimto usefact finding as a core instrument of learning for risk regulation.

About the Author

Michelle Everson is Professor of European Union Law at Birkbeck College, University of London. 
She has researched widely in the field of European Law and has particular interests in the areas of European regulatory law, European administrative and constitutional law and European citizenship.
Ellen Vos is Professor of European Union Law at the Law Faculty of Maastricht University.
She has published extensively in the field of EU Law, institutional law (comitology and agencies), market integration and risk regulation (precautionary principle; food safety).


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