The Texas Tomato Lover's Handbook (Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Service Series)

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Press: Texas A&M University Press (March 17, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-7
Author Name:Adams, William D.; Adams, William D.; Adams, Deborah J.


A garden-grown tomato, sliced and laid across a grilled hamburger . 
Sweet, plump cherry tomatoes in a crisp, green salad .
Sauce made from fresh tomatoes, ladled over a steaming bowl of pasta .
Spicy tomato salsa .
Savory tomato soup .

About the Author

ADAMS is a retired Harris County extension agent with thirty years’ experience at the AgriLife Extension Service.
His writing and photography have appeared regularly in Gardens & More, Horticulture, Texas Gardener, Family Circle, Mother Earth News, Sunset, and other publications.
He grows tomatoes at his home in Burton, Texas.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     A must for the Texas tomato lover. A little late for me this year but I will have it ready before I buy next year's seeds or plants. Great photos and pages and pages about many of the different varieties of tomatoes. Only thing lacking is enough information about container gardening.
  •     As a Master Gardener and farmers market director, I am always on the lookout for informative materials. This is quite frankly the best tomato growing book I have ever read. The photographs and descriptions are sharp and clear providing valuable information on everything from basic growing to disease and pests. It has dozens of seed sources and a very good section on tomato relatives such as peppers and eggplant. Highly reccommended!-L. McCarty
  •     Being an experienced gardener who has had only fair success growing tomatoes in Texas, I bought this book with great expectations. For a new Texas gardener, it will serve as a general introduction. However, I found it nowhere near the $15 value I paid for the Kindle edition.The text was chatty at times, when more information would have been more helpful. There needs to be more detail on micronutrient nutrition. The section on tomato relatives (e.g. peppers, eggplant) was filler. Many of the links didn't take you directly to the specific topic at hand. I finished this book in a few hours, mostly skimming through the last half of the book.On the positive side, I took notes on some possibly useful suggestions, but these came all from the first 4 chapters. So there is some value here, perhaps about $5 worth. I recommend buying this book used, or wait until Kindle drops the price.
  •     I'm an avid gardener and can never get enough information on the subject. particularly when it comes to tomatoes, my favorite garden bounty. I've lived in texas for the past 53 years, all over the state, and this book is the most comprehensive I've read when it comes to the soils and climates we have. yes, we have more than one, lol.
  •     I bought this for a gift. I think that the recipient will be very pleased.
  •     This is the best guide to growing tomatoes in Texas.
  •     This book covers how to grow tomatoes in Texas. Starting with preparing a bed or a pot, staking your tomatoes and the type of tomatoes to grow in the climate you live in.
  •     Excellent.. A constant guide when I plan my garden.Get this book!
  •     Very well written book covering the ins and outs of growing a popular, yet hard to grow fruit
  •     More technical than I would have preferred .
  •     I sent this as a gift she said she likes it a lot
  •     we are growing a garden for the first time and this book is like the "BIBLE"
  •     Have not read the book yet but just quickly paging through it looks very interesting.
  •     I don't know anything about tomatoes or how I would even begin to garden them, but this book - despite not going into depth about everything- makes a good guide for a beginner like me. I live in Texas and the one time I tried planting tomatoes it wasn't successful. This book has me excited to try again!
  •     Really looked forward to getting this volume. Tomatoes from my garden are very popular and I set out 100+ plants every year, so I'm no slouch in this department.Information in the book is top notch. Heartily recommend it.The reason I gave the book two stars was simply poor design of the book itself. Parts of the printing are done in tomato red ink on white background, rendering it almost unreadable. This ink is used throughout the book, and is a serious distractionAs I said, superb information, especially on pests and disease. Just can't get beyond that tomato red ink..
  •     I have grown a garden for the last ten years with mixed results. I kind of guessed why, but I lacked the knowledge and actual experience to narrow down and address my real issues. Texas has a lot of sun, diseases and insects, this book, with it's descriptions and on the ground knowledge of what tomatoes go through in Texas has given me a clear picture of what to spend my time on to be successful.The book addresses the most prevalent diseases and the best tomato types to grow. Good for novices or the under educated.
  •     great book. Full of detailed info on raising tomatos
  •     Nice book for texas gardeners

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