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Press: HarperCollins UK (September 1, 2012)


Specially compiled to provide the most devilishly difficult challenge, Ultimate killer Su Doku 4 is the only volume for Su Doku enthusiasts who need a puzzle that really tests their mettle.Prepare yourself for the toughest Su Doku challenge there is. 
These diabolically difficult Ultimate Killer Su Dokus will really put your brainpower to the test as you warm up with the 100 Deadly Killer puzzles before steeling yourself to take on the 20 Extra Deadly Su Dokus.
Are you ready for the challenge?The Times Ultimate Killer Su Doku 4 is not for the faint-hearted.
The puzzles use the same 9x9 grid as a regular Su Doku, but have an extra mathematical element that makes them a real challenge.
The aim is not only to complete every row, column and cube so that it contains the digits 1 to 9, but also to make sure that the outlined sections, called cages, add up to the number given in each cage.Warning: Not suitable for amateur puzzlers.If you survived the first three collections of Ultimate Killer Su Doku, then you might be ready to take on the fourth.


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  •     I can't get enough of these!
  •     The big thing I like about this whole series of killer su doku books is that the puzzles are dependably CORRECT (in addition to being very challenging and original)! In some other books, especially those delving into killer su doku, and trying to make them hard, rules are often violated (most notably the rule about duplicate digits inside a cage or the requirement of a unique solution). I've NEVER seen a rule violation in this series, and I've solved hundreds of these puzzles. Kudos!
  •     The Times Ultimate Killer Su Doku: The Deadliest of All Killer Su DokusI had picked up one of this series in a book store and had almost finished it. It was so good that I did not want it to end. I checked Amazon and was delighted to find the rest of the series. I bought them and now smileThese are difficult Sudokus, with an overlay of a KenKen puzzle. Each entry must satisfy the rules for both puzzles, simultaneously. They are rated at about 1.5 hours. Expect to spend at least half that time, and sometimes over two hours. A big challenge but all the more satisfying to complete. If this seems daunting, Amazon has a similar series, a step down in difficulty, by the same publisher. You can start at the lower level and work up to the top, if you prefer.
  •     Pretty good book of killer sudoku puzzles. Challenging enough and I learned one new technique I hadn't know about. Paper quality not my favorite, but it's ok. As I've done with all my sudoku puzzle books, I took it to my local Fed Ex store and had the spine cut off and replaced with spiral binding. Although it's an additional cost, it's much easier to handle. For the months of enjoyment I get from the books it's worth the expense to me.
  •     I gave this to my mom for Mother's Day and it is what it says it is... KILLER. She is a soduku expert and this left her stumped.
  •     great if you like really difficult sudoku and are good at arithmetic
  •     as advertised
  •     Excellent collection of difficult (for me) puzzles.
  •     This Su Doku book was great. It was hours of fun to do all the puzzles
  •     great
  •     I am hooked! These are Sudoku puzzles with an additional constraint that is similar to Ken-Ken puzzles. This does not necessarily make them more difficult, but they will require 20-30 minutes of intense concentration. That is a good thing for some of us who have the time. The puzzles are at a sudoku expert level. They seem harder at first, but as one gains experience with the additional constraints, the solutions come easier.
  •     I bought 2 for my parents so they could compete against each other but These are NOT the normal sudoku.
  •     Good book but the difficulty level is too great for me. I guess that is why it is called "The Ultimate Killer".
  •     This is a review by David's spouse, the killer sudoku addict in the house. I am a bit disappointed as I waited a year to order this and expected the puzzles to be harder. I am going back to mind bending on the killer sudoku online website instead. Perhaps it is the first book and the subsequent ones are more challenging. The size of the book and the speed of delivery were just what Amazon promised, excellent!
  •     Killer Sudoku adds another dimension to Sudoku which both complicates and simplifies the game. Not only must the solver deal with restrictions of horizontal and vertical dimensions, and boxes, s/he must also cope with arbitrary 'cages' drawn around random numbers, with the numerical total given in a corner. As with any restriction in this game, this means the puzzle-worker must consider yet another factor when solving. However, the restriction can aid in solution, as well, since (for instance) a five square cage numbered 35 can only contain the numbers 5 through 9.I first met this type of puzzle through The London Times, and still cannot bring myself to work anyone else's version. Fortunately, The Times feeds my addiction by publishing their accumulated works on a regular basis. Puzzles from Easy to Deadly are published in their regular Killer Sudoku series, and puzzles ranked only Deadly to Extra Deadly are published in their Ultimate Killer Sudoku series.Buying these books saves the puzzler a great deal of money, since otherwise, s/he would have to pay the regular newspaper subscription price.
  •     I thought the puzzles in this book were very challenging. As difficulty is concerned this book picks up where another book I reviewed, Conceptis Puzzles' "Killer Sudoku", left off. If it matters to any solvers (it did not matter to me), most of the puzzles have cages that are not symmetrical, unlike the Conceptis book. This book, however, has a great introduction. It takes the "Rule of 45" and offers several variations on how it can be used: interior pairs, exterior pairs, inside-outside pairs, and so on. Each puzzle has a recommended solving time, starting at one hour and going as high (in the "Extra Deadly" section) as 2 hours 35 minutes. As an appendix, the book also gives all possible sums for cages of 2 through 8 digits.The only complaint I have, as another reviewer pointed out, is that the paper is low quality (so do not do too much erasing) and the lines are not well defined. I noticed that they improved the lines, but not the paper, in book 2 of this series.A fine book; very challenging.
  •     These Ultimate Killer SoDoku books from The Times are my favorite way to erase the stresses of the workday and can be done in short sprints rather than finishing a puzzle in one...
  •     Difficult level puzzles. Enjoy a lot!

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