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Press: Prentice Hall; 1st edition (June 6, 2001)
Publication Date:2001-6
Author Name:Grauer, Robert T.; Barber, Maryann;
Edition:1st Edition


Exploring Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 Hands-on exercises in each chapter! Step-by-step, in chapter reviews of the topics covered! New integrated exercises! Practice using multiple applications together! In-text boxes! Get tips on pitfalls and shortcuts to make using Office XP easier! www prenhall.com/grauer Your on-line resource to explore Microsoft Office XP Use the interactive study guide Use the student data files Use the on-line exercises

Exploring Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2002

GRAUER is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Information Systems at the University of Miami, where he has been honored with the Outstanding Teacher Award in the School of Business.
A prolific author known for his unparalleled pedagogy, reader-friendly writing style, and Exploring Windows series, Dr.
Grauer has written 30 books on programming and information systems, with more than million books in print.
Grauer can be reached at rgrauer@sba.miami.edu CAROL VAZQUEZ VILLAR, an instructor in the Department of Computer Information Systems at University of Miami for eight years, currently works for Andersen Consulting.
She has developed and trained high performance teams on team building and communications and is currently planning and developing leadership training seminars.
BUSS is Associate Professor of Computer Studies at William Jewell College, where he teaches Information Technology courses.
Prior to coming to Jewell, he worked at Kmart Corporation and McDonnell Douglas as a programmer, systems analyst, and project leader.
He is currently conducting studies in the Year 2000 problem and in Object-Oriented COBOL.Barber of the University of Miami

About the Author

Continuing a tradition of excellence, Prentice Hall is proud to announce the latest update in Microsoft Office texts: the new Exploring Microsoft Office XP series by Robert T.
Grauer and Maryann Barber.
The hands-on approach and conceptual framework of this comprehensive series helps students master all aspects of the Microsoft Office XP software, while providing the background necessary to transfer and use these skills in their personal and professional lives.
WHAT'S NEW IN THE EXPLORING OFFICE SERIES FOR XP The entire Exploring Office series has been revised to include the new features found in the Office XP Suite, which include: Word 2002, Excel 2002, Access 2002, PowerPoint 2002, Publisher 2000, FrontPage 2002, and Outlook 2002.
In addition, this revision features fully revised end-of-chapter material that provides an extensive review of concepts and techniques discussed in the chapter.
Many of these exercises feature the World Wide Web and application integration.
Building on the success of the Web site provided for previous editions of this series, Exploring Office XP will introduce the myPHLIP Companion Web site, a site customized for each instructor that includes on-line, interactive study guides, data file downloads, current news feeds, additional case studies and exercises, and other helpful information.
Start out at www.prenhall.com/grauer to explore these resources! Organization of the Exploring Office Series for XP The new Exploring Microsoft Office XP series includes four combined Office XP texts from which to choose: Volume I is MOUS certified in each of the major applications in the Office suite (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint).
Three additional modules (Essential Computer Concepts, Essentials of Windows, and Essentials of the Internet) are also included.
Volume II picks up where Volume I left off, covering the advanced topics for the individual applications.
A VBA primer has been added.
The Brief Microsoft Office XP edition provides less coverage of the individual applications than Volume I (a total of 8 chapters as opposed to 14).
The supplementary modules (Windows, Internet, and Concepts) are not included.
A new volume, Getting Started with Office XP, contains the first chapter from each application (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint), plus three additional modules: Essentials of Windows, Essentials of the Internet, and Essential Computer Concepts.
Individual texts for Word 2002, Excel 2002, Access 2002, and PowerPoint 2002 provide complete coverage of the application and are MOUS certified.
For shorter courses, we have created brief versions of the Exploring texts that give students a four-chapter introduction to each application.
Each of these volumes is MOUS certified at the Core level.
To complete the full coverage of this series, custom modules on Microsoft Outlook 2002, Microsoft FrontPage 2002, Microsoft Publisher 2002, and a generic introduction to Microsoft Windows are also available.
This book has been approved by Microsoft to be used in preparation for Microsoft Office User Specialist exams.
The Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) program is globally recognized as the standard for demonstrating desktop skills with the Microsoft Office suite of business productivity applications (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Outlook).
With a MOUS certification, thousands of people have demonstrated increased productivity and have proved their ability to utilize the advanced functionality of these Microsoft applications.
By encouraging individuals to develop advanced skills with Microsoft's leading business desktop software, the MOUS program helps fill the demand for qualified, knowledgeable people in the modern workplace.
At the same time, MOUS helps satisfy an organization's need for a qualitative assessment of employee skills.
Customize the Exploring Office Series with Prentice Hall's Right PHit Binding Program The Exploring Office XP series is part of the Right PHit Custom Binding Program, enabling instructors to create their own texts by selecting modules from Office XP Volume I, Volume II, Outlook, FrontPage, and Publisher to suit the needs of a specific course.
An instructor could, for example, create a custom text consisting of the core modules in Word and Excel, coupled with the brief modules for Access and PowerPoint, and a brief introduction to computer concepts.
Instructors can also take advantage of Prentice Hall's Value Pack program to shrinkwrap multiple texts together at substantial savings to the student.
A value pack is ideal in courses that require complete coverage of multiple applications.
INSTRUCTOR AND STUDENT RESOURCES The Instructor's CD that accompanies the Exploring Office series contains: Student data disks Solutions to all exercises and problems PowerPoint lectures Instructor's manuals in Word format enable the instructor to annotate portions of the instructor manual for distribution to the class A Windows-based test manager and the associated test bank in Word format Prentice Hall's New MyPHLIP Companion Web site at www.prenhall.com/grauer offers current events, exercises, and downloadable supplements.
This site also includes an on-line study guide containing true/false, multiple choice, and essay questions.
WebCT www.prenhall.com/webct GOLD LEVEL CUSTOMER SUPPORT available exclusively to adopters of Prentice Hall courses, is provided free-of-charge upon adoption and provides you with priority assistance, training discounts, and dedicated technical support.
Blackboard www.prenhall.com/blackboard Prentice Hall's abundant on-line content, combined with Blackboard's popular tools and interface, result in robust Web-based courses that are easy to implement, manage, and use—taking your courses to new heights in student interaction and learning.
CourseCompass www.coursecompass.com CourseCompass is a dynamic, interactive on-line course management tool powered by Blackboard.
This exciting product allows you to teach with marketing-leading Pearson Education content in an easy-to-use customizable format.
ABOUT THE BOOK Exploring Microsoft Office XP assumes no prior knowledge of the operating system.
A 64-page section introduces the reader to the Essentials of Windows and provides an overview of the operating system.
Students are shown the necessary file-management operations to use Microsoft Office successfully.
In-depth tutorials throughout all the Office XP applications enhance the conceptual introduction to each task and guide the student at the computer.
Every step in every exercise has a full-color screen shot to illustrate the specific commands.
Boxed tips provide alternative techniques and shortcuts and/or anticipate errors that students may make.
The authors have created an entirely new set of end-of-chapter exercises for every chapter in all of the applications.
These new exercises have been written to provide the utmost in flexibility, variety, and difficulty.
Web-based Practice exercises and On Your Own exercises are marked by an icon in the margin and allow further exploration and practice via the World Wide Web.
Integration Exercises are marked by an icon in the margin.
These exercises take advantage of the Microsoft Office Suite's power to use multiple applications in one document, spreadsheet, or presentation.
Builds On Exercises require students to use selected application files as the starting point in later exercises, thereby introducing new information to students only as needed.
The end-of-chapter material includes multiple-choice questions for self-evaluation plus additional "on your own" exercises to encourage the reader to further explore the application.


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