Some Things To Know About Marriage Before You Have A Wedding: And After Too

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Press: AuthorHouse (May 15, 2012)


This book deals with many of the real issues that will happen in most relationships, such as, dealing with blended families and in-laws. 
When things change in your life.
Marriage is worth it but it is WORK, because happy does not just happen.
Having talks about SEX: past activity & present appetites and the two issues that cause many of the problems in most relationships: money and communication.
These tools and principles being based on his 30 years of being married, over 30 years of ministry and dealing with couples in personal consultation, teaching in workshops and seminars.
Also a special survey, taken exclusively for this book, of couples married from 2-22 years that asked them, what are some things that they wish they knew before they were married?


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  •     This book is very practical. It is relevant even for someone who has already been married for some time. Easy to read and an overall great book.
  •     This is a great book. An easy read, yet packed with powerful and practical guidelines for building a lasting relationship. The tips on communication are based on actual experience from successful valuable. A must have for anyone in a relationship or just preparing for a relationship.
  •     Cinderella didn't tell the full story about marraige. Things to Know About Marriage Before You Have a Wedding and After Too, gives those who think they want to be married something to think about. The examples allow you to see the whole picture of marriage. You just have to read the part about, "peanut butter and jelly".

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