The Marine Corps Way: Using Maneuver Warfare to Lead a Winning Organization

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Press:McGraw-Hill McGraw-Hill Education; 1 edition (June 24, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-6


"The book makes a convincing case that battlefield techniques really do work in the business world."--Fortune "A colorful, entertaining, and highly effective way of conveying some powerful lessons along with lots of very interesting military history." --Miami Herald

About the Author

Jason A. 
Santamaria is an independent business consultant and a former Marine Corps artillery officer, Morgan Stanley investment banker, McKinsey consultant, and J.
William Fulbright scholar.
Vincent Martino is a senior business analyst for Capital One Financial.
He is a former Marine Corps communications officer and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy.
Eric K.
Clemons is a professor of operations and information management at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business.


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  •     Excellent read. Interesting ties between effective military leadership and commercial and business strategies. Well done.
  •     This book is an interesting and well written analysis of how to apply maneuver warfare to a commercial business. The authors prove their analysis by illustrating the similarities between military and competitive business environments. First, this book is an easy read. It is approximately 181 pages long and broken into easily digested parts. Seven of the thirteen chapters focus exclusively on each of the principles of maneuver warfare. Generally speaking, all the chapters follow a similar format. The authors will make a point and follow it up with an example from military history. They then provide an example from the commercial world. Each of these examples is followed by a brief analysis of the principle in discussion. The reader is then given a general analysis that cuts across both the military and business examples. Finally, each chapter ends with a discussion of how the Marine Corps applies and/or views this principle. The advantage of this format is that the reader knows what to expect. The book finishes with a discussion on leadership, the glue that holds the maneuver warfare principles together. There is nothing new in this book. All of these principles can be found in other management and leadership teaching aids. This book's true value is the clear, concise, and easy format in which it is written. The true standard for good writing is the ability to clearly convey a point to the reader. This book meets that standard. It has valuable lessons for managers in all organizations, be they military, civilian-government, commercial, or non-profit. Anyone in a leadership position would find their time well spent in reading this book.
  •     As a former Marine Corps officer, I applaud the authors for their superior characterization of maneuver warfare and USMC leadership philosophy. As a brand manager for a leading marketer of retail food products, I was equally impressed with their ability to translate these lessons into "business-ese" that everyone can understand and appreciate. I have read many military-to-business books, and this one does by far the best job on the business side of the equation - primarily because there are twenty or so business case studies to illustrate the main points.The authors talk at length about "breakthrough" results, and I think this book is particularly effective because they have translated "best practices" from one environment - military - to another - business. Normally, business books simply take lessons from one successful company and generalize them. While I believe this approach to be effective in stimulating incremental ideas, it does not lead to breakthroughs.The value of this book should not be underestimated - the authors' USMC leadership experience yields unique, powerful insight while their business acumen facilitates the articulation of these ideas for practical application. A must read!
  •     Good for leadership study!
  •     It is a great book showing how to use military tactics in regular life and business as well ...A GREAT asset in anyone's library !!!
  •     I recommend everyone to read this book. It works well in life, career, and business. It still holds true today. A must read for everyone. Loved it.
  •     I first read this book when it was published back in 2004. It was very relevant then and I infused most of what I learned into my personal management style.
  •     This is one of the best 'military & business" books to come out in years.In a highly readable yet intelligent writing style, the authors explain how preparation,...
  •     It works no matter what your environment.
  •     I run an up-and-coming wireless company in, what the authors refer to as "a rapidly evolving market" and, as promised, this book has armed me with a framework to deal with change and uncertainty. It has also served as a great vehicle to channel the ideas and insights of my employees.I highly recommend it to small business owners and employees who will find it both educational and inspiring. It is practical, to the point, and comprehensive. I found numerous great ideas on strategy, the implementation of strategy, and how to lead people to get the most from them.I only wish that I had found this book sooner.
  •     Based on my career experience as both a manager and as a line employee for many different companies, I'd say that this is one of the better books on how to actually manage a team...
  •     Excellent!
  •     I've read three other business books invoking the Marine Corps analogy and this one is the best. What sets it apart is an understanding that a biz book need not be boring to impart lessons. The case studies are tight, exciting, and relevant...bouncing between the camouflage and the suits without getting bogged down in banal MBA lessons. Look, this is a fun, fast, and lean read that managers and wannabes will eat up.
  •     I did not serve in the military, but I was at Wharton getting my MBA when Vince Martino and Jason Santamaria started introducing these lessons to the student body. They first helped bring in distinguished speakers from the Marine Corps and then organized a creative hands-on leadership event at a real Marine Corps base that was wildly popular with students, many of whom said it was the best leadership instruction they received at the school. The program is a critical part of the Wharton experience and complements Wharton's lecture based coursework with hands on, practical leadership lessons.So it was with great interest and high expectations that I read this book. The authors delivered: the lessons they pass on are commonsense, easy to understand and insightful. I really feel for once that I have a set of tangible lessons learned that I can apply in my organization. I work in an acquisitions group for an Fortune 500 services company and the skills and case studies that are highlighted in the book have impacted the way I evaluate both our competition and potential acquisition targets. I have recommended the book to my peers and direct reports, and I highly recommend it to all.
  •     Having read many other of the "military strategy applied to business" books, I can tell you that this one is by far the best. The strategies are well-defined and the business examples have enough depth to really be understood and applied. The military comparisons are thorough and lucid enough to derive the point and meaning of each example and strategy employed.Overall, the book is very pragmatic and makes the application of these principles to any organization (or some even to one's personal life) very easy. If you are deciding on a book to read in order to enhance your thinking on business strategy and leadership, you should strongly consider this one!
  •     A great book showing that many parallels exist between business and war without advocating a facile and superficial comparison between business and warfare, nor advocating the...

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