More Than 85 Broads: Women Making Career Choices, Taking Risks, and Defining Success - On Their Own Terms: Women Making Career Choices, Taking Risks, ... -- On Their Own Terms (Business Books)

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Press:McGraw-Hill McGraw-Hill Education; 1 edition (April 3, 2006)
Publication Date:2005-09-01
Author Name:Janet Hanson


More Than 85 Broads introduces us to a remarkable group of strong, passionate, and talented women who all define success on their own terms. 
Along with author Janet Hanson's riveting account of how she built 85 Broads into a groundbreaking global network community, each of these women candidly tells her own powerful story.
Meet Trailblazers who need no roadmap or formula for success-just their own optimism, confidence, and gut instincts.
Meet Adventurers who push past boundaries and find new ways to define success for themselves.
Meet Parents who are building true partnerships rather than just “balancing” their lives and careers.
And meet Visionaries who are answering the questions: “What's my passion?” “What's my destiny?” “What's my gift?” Whether you're striving to align your passion with your career, standing at a crossroads deciding which path to choose, or well on the road to fulfilling your lifelong dreams, you can tap into the enormous power and potential of “some of the most incredible women on the planet” and .
Discover how building a strong network gives you your own unique platform for creating new opportunities, connections, and personal definitions of success.
Learn how women are blazing their own trails as business leaders, entrepreneurs, survivors, philanthropists, and parents.
Find out how smart, successful and courageous women really think about their careers, their lives, their families, and their futures-all in their own voices.
“The most powerful and courageous voice any of us can listen to is our own, but it is often the one that we spend the least time cultivating and tuning into...” writes Hanson.
More Than 85 Broads is an essential read for women and men at every stage of their careers and lives.
It will surprise you, motivate you, and inspire you to connect with others.
Most importantly, it will help you find your own passion, build your own network, and define success on your own terms.

About the Author

A leading entrepreneur and champion for women in business, Janet Hanson spent 14 years on Wall Street with Goldman Sachs before founding Milestone Capital, a $2 billion money management company which is one of the only women-owned firms of its kind in the United States. 
In addition, she is a Managing Director and Senior Adviser to the President of Lehman Brothers.
85 Broads is her passion, and she is frequently invited to speak at corporate events, on campuses, and in the media about the profound impact of her inspirational network.
Janet received a B.A.
from Wheaton College in Massachusetts and an M.B.A.
from Columbia Graduate School of Business.


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Comment List (Total:14)

  •     This book sounded very interesting when I read the reviews. However, there's not a lot of substance once you get into it. Dozens of women are profiled (Ms. Hanson's 85 Broads) in a very superficial way. I didn't find much of anything new or interesting in any of the profiles. The jacket blurb for this book is overwritten and the book fails to deliver what's promised. Don't bother.
  •     Really depressing read - did not make me feel empowered, but rather I felt like a failure, not having complicated what these women have. Did not finish reading
  •     A very insightful, inspiring and motivating read, 85 Broads is a refreshing account of real life experiences and dreams come true!
  •     Janet Hanson is the founder of [...] what might be the largest professional women's network on the web. Her book, More Than 85 Broads, is a collection of personal stories told in their own words by over 90 network members. What I love about this book is that nearly every career challenge or opportunity faced by women is covered.You'll meet trailblazers, adventurers and entrepreneurs; parents who leave the corporate world and those who stay, survivors, visionaries and givers. Because the roots of 85 Broads are deep in Janet's own experience at Goldman Sachs, many of the women are from the financial industry. Industry aside you'll be inspired, challenged, reassured and guided by this marvelous collection.No matter your level, if you want to know how other women have handled decisions like should I take a sabbatical and travel round the world, leave and start a business or continue to blaze a trail to the top, you'll find a virtual role model here who generously shares her experience with you. As the author ofNo Ceiling, No Walls: What women haven't been told about leadership from career-start to the corporate boardroomI know how important it is for women to have a variety of role models and you'll find them here!
  •     "More than 85 Broads" is more than just a mere collection of stories-- it documents how women overcome seemingly insurmountable difficulties, how they balance work and family...
  •     After reading "More than 85 Broads" I was truly overwhelmed with feelings of awe and inspiration. Not only does each woman have such courage and fire but the progression of the...
  •     This book was extraordinarily inspirational. The stories are all about real women accomplishing amazing things and made me believe in myself and my ability to achieve any goal.
  •     More Than 85 Broads was a book I strongly suggest for any college student looking for a career, like myself.
  •     I haven't made it through the entire book so far, so my opinion may change once I have. This is an interesting book, no doubt. It features stories from women who were on the front lines of making it in an industry that is still very male-dominated, which are always interesting to read. I also like that those stories don't specifically focus on the male vs. female dynamic, and instead highlight what the featured women have accomplished - which is a whole lot! However, I don't really find myself being inspired by these stories to go out and do anything great, or even different from what I am already doing. So if you want to read about women doing interesting things, this book can definitely give you that narrative. But so far, that's about all I'm expecting.
  •     not my style
  •     Janet Hanson introduces us to a multitude of strong and successful women in More than 85 Broads. Through reading this book you will learn that there is no magical formula to...
  •     Everyone's story was unique and there was much to learn from each woman. The book was written in a concise manner so I felt as though I was learning so much via the women's experiences along their pathways.
  •     This book mostly profiles women who passed through Goldman Sachs at one time or another. It is an interesting read to see the amazing accomplishments of high achievers through these short bios(mostly multiple paragraphs vs. pages), however, most of these women's names are not on the lips of America so it's like reading a book about strangers rather than celebs. It was very interesting to note the speed with which many of these women moved to the top of the corporate world or leveraged their careers into entrepreneurialism. The title came from an address (and I think was intended to be a little tongue in cheek) and there is an organization of women who now network globally at what appears to be high levels, mostly in the field of finance.
  •     This product was described as "New" condition. Book arrived with broken spine and ripped cover.

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