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Press:Career Press Career Press (June 1999)
Publication Date:1999-05-01
Author Name:BANKHEAD


Are you planning a wedding at the last minute? This is a guide to help you plan a beautiful wedding in minimal time.


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  •     This is a concise, detailed book to help any person plan a wedding. Unlike many how-to books this one adds humor as it helps the modern person, who does not have the time to opt for a long drawn out affair, plan the perfect wedding.
  •     The practical guidance in this book helped me create the wedding of my dreams in just a few months. I recommend it highly! Regardless of how much time and money you have, it is possible to create a wonderful wedding. This book can help you get there.
  •     As an iminent groom, I found this book to be extremely helpful. It is well written, concise, and incredibly informative. After reading this book I knew Vegas was out........
  •     My mom spent over a year working on this book and it is obvious. The book isn't boring and dry; she is full of useful information with her fun personality. The book is easy to read and it really has helpful tips and good ideas. I've got the book, so now I am just waiting for my boy to pop the question....
  •     These two gals have done a great job explaining the pros and cons, ways to circumvent those expensive and stressful all-out exhausting weddings, and put the fun back into this social event. The section on eloping is funny, helpful and informative - I'm giving my daughter a copy and bookmarking this chapter!
  •     Fast paced, clearly written, full of useful nuggets of wedding info. From hotels to hairdressers, preachers to places to spend ones honeymoon, it's all there. Author writes from personal experience. She put her wedding together in three months and it's lasted twenty years. Bottom line, it is funny and full of belly laughs and smiles!
  •     I saw this book and found that the information was outdated for 2008. I'm glad I ignored the commentary by A Customer and looked it up in the bookstore before buying it online. I'm planning a wedding in just a few months and need as much help as possible. Look online or find another book.
  •     This book is not only FUN to read, it's a MUST READ for all procrastinators, very busy folks, and all others who value their sanity. It's full of great ideas and real life experiences, including Plan B-- eloping!

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