The Crystal Palace #2: Rebellion in Fairyland

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Press: Outskirts Press (December 23, 2009)
Author Name:Hauser, Michele


Grammy finds a tiny envelope addressed to Karina on the crystal bed. 
King Sebastian and Queen Serena of Fairyland have invited Karina and her friends to Prince Jeremy’s third birthday party.
Excited and determined, Karina, Katie, and Nicole return to Fairyland through the bedpost crystal, with the help of Grammy’s tooth fairy, Angela.
The royal celebration is all they have hoped: beautiful and festive with an elaborate buffet, graceful dancers, and impressive fireworks.
A magical and enchanting evening in Fairyland… Suddenly, explosions interrupted the celebrations as the ogres and trolls, outcasts in fairy society, protest their lack of rights and limited choices in life.
In the chaos, Karina, Katie, Nicole, and the young, insolent fairy princess Gianna are kidnapped by the ogres and taken into hiding.
Join Karina and her friends as they confront issues of justice and equality as they get to know their captors.
The beautiful, magical Fairyland now seems medieval and unfair.
What can these modern American girls do to help their beloved Fairyland? What would YOU do? Enchanting and fanciful…a child’s vision of Fairyland through the illustrations of Karina, the ten-year-old granddaughter of author Grammy Hauser.


Politics & Social Sciences,Social Sciences,Children's Studies

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  •     I think it's a great book because it has things like a baby prince's birthday, and how ogres and trolls get adopted by fairies, and get accepted in a thing called the Magna Carta (it's like the Declaration of Independece). I recommend it to children that like fantasy books and fairies.
  •     There are good children's books with cute stories - even meaninful ones. Then there are great children's books that go beyond a cute story and speak to all of us. The Crystal Palace II is one of the latter. This beautiful little story is a reflection of what is happening today in Libya, Egypt and all over the world. Such a simple mandate to listen to others, respect all people and negotiate differences - couldn't have been more wonderfully presented in a way that appeals to children, especially girls. Love the characters and can feel the warmth of the family that created this very appealing and imaginative story. I'm getting it for my granddaughters - I know they'll enjoy it as much as I did!
  •     I read this book (and the two other books in this series) with my adult ESL student, and we both loved it (them)! The story was interesting. We read only one chapter a week, and eagerly awaited the next week to see what happened next. The story was well crafted with many inventive things happening.
  •     Both books were eagerly anticipated by my daugther who asked me to read them each night until we finished. You know a 5 year old is paying attention when she corrects your summary of the stories and retells them to her 2 year old sister!
  •     What do you do when a tiny fairy magically travels through your bedpost to leave a party invitation on your pillow? You don your best party dress, grab 2 of your best friends, and prepare for the birthday party of a lifetime.This is exactly what happens in The Crystal Palace II: Rebellion in Fairyland by Michelle Hauser and illustrated by Karina Nance.Through a magic incantation three friends—Karin, Katie, and Nicole travel with their fairy friend, Angela, to Crystalopolis for the third birthday celebration of Prince Jeremy. A sequel to The Crystal Palace, this book is a fast-paced adventure that involves fairies, trolls, and ogres. Geared towards second to fourth grade girls, the story taps into Hauser’s creativity and educational experience. Hauser employs a whimsical approach to address sensitive issues with a gentle touch.When a group of ogres and trolls crash the party, the plot takes a sudden and somewhat dark turn. Through an unfortunate chain of events, the three girls manage to shed light on the inequities of the fairy kingdom by comparing the kingdom with their own world. By the story’s end, the kingdom is on the path towards equal consideration for everyone.Hauser combines adventure, whimsy, and a valuable lesson in empathy in this book. Elementary-aged girls will definitely enjoy The Crystal Palace II.
  •     The second book was great!!! Its easy to enjoy. I read the first one (It is a great book) and then I was waiting for the second one.
  •     The 2nd book is great. I read the first one and I was waiting for another one. Then when one of my friends told me it was out I had to read it!
  •     I really enjoyed reading The Crystal Palace II:Rebellion in Fairyland. I especially liked that you have to go into a crystal and then into something like a bubbly waterslide to get to Fairyland. The illustrations in the book were beautiful and detailed. The song that Popi sang to Scott and Liam was so funny! The room that Katie, Karina and Nicole had to stay in sounded so luxurious that I would like to stay there myself! I recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy and trouble!
  •     Book 2 in the Crystal Palace series starts with a party, and ends with a lesson in Civics. Not surprising, since the author Michelle Hauser is a retired teacher. The main characters, Katie, Karina and Nicole are invited to the Prince's birthday party in Fairyland. They become entangled in the new conflict when they are kidnapped. Along with the fairy Princess Gianna, they have to figure a way to bring the conflicting sides together. Not easy when the ogres and trolls have been repressed and servants to the fairies as long as either side can remember. The girls have to bring change, and remember their Civics lessons, to try to bring unity back to the Kingdom.Hauser always brings a little learning with her stories. Her granddaughter illustrates the stories as well. This collaboration brings a unique spin to her novels. I always enjoy a new look at fairies, and learning a few lessons along the way is a bonus for any reader.
  •     I read the first book, and loved it. Especially the strong girl characters. So I was happy to see this second book, developing the characters more. And raising important issues of fairness and equality, relevant to our human world (as well as the fairy world!). I especially enjoyed the Chapter on Women's Work... where the women characters were bonding. . . This book is longer and a bit more complex for young readers, but still would work for a variety of ages of young readers, probably girls especially because of the focus on girl characters. I highly recommend it.....great gifts!...chapter books!

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