Humorous Garden-Paths: A Pragmatic-Cognitive Study

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Press: Cambridge Scholars Publishing; 1st Unabridged edition (January 1, 2009)
Author Name:Dynel, Marta


Surprising as it may seem, sometimes humans like being led up the garden path, which is thanks to the pleasurable feeling of surprise entwined with a humorous effect deception tends to afford. 
The central issue under investigation is the nature of short humorous texts in the form of one-liners and witticisms based on the 'garden-path mechanism'.
The monograph provides a survey of relevant linguistic research, recapitulating and assessing other authors' theses in the context of their applicability in the analysis of garden-path humor.
Discussions are conducted in the light of not only humor studies but also cognitive and pragmatic literature on human communication in general, with a view to presenting a meticulous description of short garden-path texts.
The book should be of interest to anybody who finds humor research appealing, whether or not already familiar with this field.
No background knowledge is necessary on the reader's part, given that all relevant postulates and theories are revisited.
Also, the author steers a clear course through many terminological and conceptual obstacles that can be encountered in the study of humor (e.g.
verbal/non-verbal humor, ambiguity types, punning, etc.

About the Author

Marta Dynel, Ph.D., is an assistant professor (adiunkt) in the Department of Pragmatics in the Institute of English at the University of Lodz, where she completed her MA (2004) thesis on the pragmatics of compliments and her doctoral thesis (2006) devoted to the pragmatics of conversational humour. 
She also graduated (2005) from the Institute of Applied Social Sciences (ISNS) within Interdepartmental Individual Humanities (MISH) at the University of Warsaw.
She has published internationally in linguistic journals (e.g.
Journal of Pragmatics) and volumes (e.g.
in Peter Lang and Cambridge Scholars Publishing).
Her research interests are focused primarily on pragmatic and cognitivist studies on humour as well as the mechanisms of social influence and the rhetoric of advertising.


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