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Press: BalboaPress (June 26, 2012)
Author Name:Assedo, Michael; Sragow, Lara;


Are you ready to fulfill more of your potential, for both inner peace and tangible success?

From the Author

"As the saying goes, everyone dies, but not everyone lives. 
Awareness is wherein lies the difference." --The Core (Page 10) ♦

From the Inside Flap

(Inside the Hardcover)Michael knows how to reach the source of the most challenging issues--not unlike the person in the farmer fable.In a poor European village, one farmer succeeded to buy a laundry machine. 
Everyone was excited and happy, because it was the first laundry machine they ever saw.
Just five days after the laundry machine was in use, it stopped working.
The farmer became very sad.
He had no idea what to do, because no one had owned a laundry machine before.One villager suggested that the farmer take it to the next village, where someone might know how to fix it.
The farmer loaded the laundry machine onto the donkey.
He brought it to the next village, where someone did offer to fix it.
The person checked the entire laundry machine, looking here and there.
Then the person picked up a hammer and gave one big thrust.
Boom! The laundry machine was working again.
The farmer was thrilled.The farmer thanked the person who fixed it and asked, "How much do I pay you?" The fixer said, "$100." The farmer was in shock.
The farmer said, "$100 for one thrust of the hammer?" The fixer said, "For one thrust of the hammer, $1.
To know where to thrust the hammer, $99."With similar accuracy, simplicity, (and fun), Michael pinpoints that priceless spiritual advice to make the difference in challenges from money to health.
Only when we reach the source, hidden within the core, can we finally change the pattern and then finally change the result! ♦

About the Author

Michael Assedo has been a modern spiritual teacher for 30 years in Jerusalem, where he hosts a weekly radio show The Good Life, and writes weekly tips for the top online mind/body/spirit magazine with a million and a half viewers. Learn more at ♦Lara Sragow, from New York City and Los Angeles, is a Columbia, Cornell, and UCLA trained expert on healthy lifestyles. She zeros in on stress-resiliency, nutrition and fitness, using mindfulness practices. Learn more at ♦


Self-Help,Personal Transformation,Religion & Spirituality

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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     The book is written in an understandable way, and one can use it as a day-to-day or situation-to-situation manual. You learn how to discover your own core and its immense power, bringing yourself to a higher consciousness. Even someone not very familiar with spirituality can get into it step by step with this book, just following the lessons.You learn that you are a part of the "universal system," but you are at the same time the master of your destiny. All the tools are at one's disposal, and the book teaches us how to use them properly. You learn to accept and to love yourself, and this is a big gift.Thanks to Lara and to Michael.Amalia
  •     In this book Michael and Lara reveal a simple and easy to follow route to living your truth and awakening to your purpose. Learn how to live in the practical world and reach your highest potential. Raise your awarness and feel the joy of your life.
  •     If the only way to change is to experience life in a new way, the question is always how. The Core is a book that not only invites you to experience life in a new way, it illustrates how to to do this, over and over and in many ways. It invites you to recognize that you create your own reality. And in this recognition you can learn that true happiness is accepting and appreciating not only when you create something "good"; it is also to accept and appreciate what is "bad". This allows the experience of life to be joyful. The Core explains how you learn from everything. and by doing so, you move forward to truly being yourself.It is a book to read and experience, over and over.GH
  •     Great book! Inspiring! It makes you believe in yourself. Reading "The Core" has been an experience of thoughtful self-examination, of strengthening my belief in the spirit of mankind, of our potential to affect our own environment and change our world by working to align body and spirit. I found it supportive of a lot of what I think about individual responsibility. "The Core" restores in us the gift of free will, the ultimate gift of creation, and lights the path to physical and spiritual well being. It's a great collaborative work between Michael and Lara.The Core
  •     To read and book and have it give you the power to redirect your life is a very powerful experience. This book did that.
  •     I suggest reading this book. Then reading it again. And again. Michael's ideas as translated by Lara are at once so clear as to be obvious and so dense as to be impenetrable.
  •     What a Joy! to soak up the laws of the universal truth through the wisdom of Michael and so beautifully written down by Lara who together guide the reader on how to apply the...
  •     This book gives a fresh perspective to modern spiritual wisdom. It seems to have gems for both the spiritual veteran as well as the ready beginner. (I am somewhere in between.
  •     One of the most famous essays of the English Renaissance writer, Sir Francis Bacon, is "Of Studies." In it he writes that books should be read "to weigh and consider." He, furthermore, writes that "some books are to be chewed and digested" and, in addition, "to be read wholly and with diligence and attention."Such a book is "The Core" by Michael Assedo and Lara Sragow. Actually, considering the life-giving wisdom of its content, the title of the book should be "The Core of the Wisdom of Life."The authors have succeeded in identifying and succinctly explaining the key factors to create a successful life in modern times - a life full of awareness and proper balance that will bring physical and spiritual joy and contentment.The Core also debunks common myths about important undertakings in life such as: establishing relations with soul mates, priorities with respect to money, proper nutrition, and leadership, and shows how to apply universal truths and teachings to these subjects, so that one can discover and realize one's inner potential.The Core teaches the reader to awaken, expand, recognize and use his/her internal wisdom in order to enjoy a meaningful and pleasure-filled life.In conclusion, The Core is a highly useful and crucial book for the modern world.
  •     The Core is more than inspiring; it is life-changing. The authors have indeed identified, synthesized, and systematized twenty-six universal laws for our spiritual and material...
  •     As an avid kindle reader, I agree with the reviewer who said that The Core is best in softback or even hardback, as it can be handy to reference.
  •     THE CORE is a transformational book for being successful, happy, and in control of your issues. I wish I would have read this book years ago, instead of getting a Ph.D. and post-doc from the School of Hard Knocks. I’ve already ordered three copies for my supposedly grown children, so that they can shape their future, rather than just bumbling and stumbling. This book should be found in the Best Seller section, rather than the Self Help section. Does anyone know how to get in touch with the author Lara Sragow for private sessions?
  •     Horrible,thrown-together book. They repeat paragraphs from chapter to chapter,word for word, lots of typos and grammar errors. All of the non-repeated info could have been published in a tri-fold brochure. Shame on you, Michael Assedo
  •     There's so much to say about this book, but at the same time, there's so little to say, because it chronicles basic properties and laws that function whether you know it or not. I have listened to many spiritual teachers, and read many books coming from the world's various traditions, but none have captured the truth as well as what we see here. If understood and confirmed through direct experience, The Core's basic message will provide you with total and absolute freedom. There will be no cause to worry about anything, ever, again. This being said, I had this book on my shelf for quite some time and never understood it fully. I believed what it had to say but, I did not witness it directly in my life. It might take repeated go-arounds at old patterns and hang-ups before you get it. Perhaps many, many times. This book is a useful companion to that process. But know that it will not give you a precise roadmap to salvation as many other teachings do. It will not tell you DO THIS, DO THAT, because if you understand this book correctly you will realize that there is nothing to do. Everything is taken care of, forever.Thanks Michael and Lara,-Danny
  •     "The Core" is a wonderful blueprint for how to live our lives. It is a refreshing read showing you how to live your life in the present moment.

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