Mystic SCUBA: My Adventures Diving Into Enlightenment

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 19, 2010)
Author Name:Vitri, Vanessa


Explore the oceans of the mind by SCUBA diving into the sea!  Join the author as she learns the art of Mystic SCUBA from Samvara, a SCUBA diving Buddhist monk. 
This magical journey chronicles a semi-autobiographical account of the author's initiation into a world of power and mystical secrets beneath the sea.
Mystic SCUBA illuminates the far reaches of the human mind with meditations in the depths of the sea.
Through Sam the monk's teachings, the author learns about healthy breathing and relaxation, the unique health benefits of the air and water while SCUBA diving, mystical aquatic meditations, places of power for diving, ocean totems, culminating in the ultimate vision quest for the direct experience of Enlightenment.
These treasured teachings of self-discovery are helpful not only for SCUBA divers, but for us all.


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  •     A must read book for seekers of all the mystic paths. Once you start, you can't put it down. It takes you from unimaginable beauty of the seen to amazement of the unseen.
  •     I rarely write product reviews. But wow! What an awesome book! It took only two days to read because I just couldn't put it down. It is a fascinating story that will resonate with divers and non-divers alike, the deeply spiritual, non-religious, and everyone in between. It certainly moved me in ways I wasn't expecting. :-)
  •     I received this book as a gift from a friend. I loved it and couldn't put it down from the start. There are so many wonderful things to learn from the book, the world around you becomes a more bright and magical place. Everyone should read it, and it's great as a gift.
  •     An action packed page turner. Hard to put down as you want to know what happened to Vanessa next on her spiritual adventures scuba diving with Sam the Monk.
  •     "Mystic Scuba" is full of amazing surprises--like being given keys to a new kingdom.Vitri's account offers no less than a real sort of magical realism.
  •     When I first read this book I did not know anything about SCUBA diving, meditation, Buddhist or Mystic practices.
  •     I'm not a scuba diver nor am I Buddhist. This was a really lovely book to read! Of all the things we can put into our heads..
  •     I was recently recommended this book by a friend, and then I read it! It was amazing and enlightening! Now I'm buying it as a gift, more people should read this book! It covers all the bases, breathing for health, living purely and best of all - how to scuba in a way that clears the mind, brightens the aura and empowers the spirit! Awesome!!!
  •     This book is an mind-opening adventure through Hawaii and the spiritual side of SCUBA diving. As a diver, I have used some of the breathing exercises suggested in this book, and I...
  •     This is a wonderful book - unlike anything else I have ever read. I highly recommended it to anyone interested in self-discovery.
  •     Excellent!
  •     At first, practicing meditation would seem am unlikely basis for our hero Vanessa's progress to the level of master scuba diver. But as we venture with her into the deep, it starts to makes sense that going to extremes in nature coincides with spiritual endeavors and fulfillment Her mentor, Sam, is like an unearthly, ageless buddha / angel / provocateur. Is he to be trusted? The book's didacticism reminds me a little of Ayn Rand and C.S. Lewis's writing styles. I come away thinking of it as a curiosity - very American in its unorthodox inventiveness and yet pure in its Buddhist intent that suggests there can be freedom from suffering and profound contentment to be found in daily existence.
  •     Having been raised in a time of conflict and terror it is a breath of fresh air to find words of tranquility and inner peace. A must read for any on the path or searching for the way.If any of you bump into Sam on a shore or in the mountains tell him i am looking for him...Mystic SCUBA: My Adventures Diving Into Enlightenment

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