Great on the Job: What to Say, How to Say It. The Secrets of Getting Ahead.

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Press: Brilliance Audio; Library edition (February 1, 2012)
Author Name:Glickman, Jodi; Eby, Tanya;


Do you always get the assignments you want? Do you know how to ask for help without sounding dumb? How to answer a question you don’t know the answer to? All the while sounding smart, capable, and competent? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. 
Jodi Glickman founded the communication consulting firm Great on the Job to help rising stars of the business world with the same issues.
Now, for the first time, the training program that Jodi uses with her top-tier clients is available in book form.
Great on the Job teaches people how to talk to one another at work, every day, in every situation, when you’re on top of your game and when you have no idea what’s going on.
In these pages, you’ll get all the building blocks you need to develop more dynamic and honed communication skills: 1.
Dozens of helpful case studies, all based on real workplace scenarios 2.
Easy-to-implement strategies that are tactical and practical 3.
Sample language and phrases that you can adapt and use right away Business is, and always will be, “a personal thing.” In today’s global economy, it’s not always the smartest, hardest-working, or most technically savvy who succeed.
Instead, it’s the people with dynamic communication skills―the ones who communicate effectively, strategically, and persuasively―no matter the situation.
Great on the Job will teach you to do just that.
“Glickman shows a rich understanding of how basic communications can make or break business relationships and careers.” ― Joseph Thomas, Dean of the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University

About the Author

Jodi Glickman is the founder of Great on the Job and a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review. 
Jodi worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Chile.
She holds an MBA from the Johnson School at Cornell.
Jodi lives in Chicago with her family.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     This is a great book for the veteran and neophyte alike. Effective communication in and outside the workplace is the "elephant in the room" of business knowhow, and the author provides highly organized and easy to practice methods for deploying the power of person-to-person contact for career leverage. Anyone can benefit from these lessons and so will the organizations they work for.
  •     Some people are always calm, cool and collected. They never are at a loss for words and don't seem to experience those awkward 'where is this conversation going' moments. I am not one of them! Well, at least not naturally. I've had to work hard to acquire the right tactics for a number of professional situations. This book would have made it much easier. This book solves dozens of work-related communication challenges. Using incredibly specific instructions and relatable case-studies, it spells out how to up your game with grace and confidence. I was so impressed with how smart and actionable the strategies are and how comfortable the proposed language is - no one will think you're taking instructions from a book. Particularly helpful for me (as an entrepreneur) were the chapters on feedback and managing a crisis and your personal elevator pitch. I also sent copies to both of my brothers who are early in their careers and will inevitably need help navigating the workplace. I feel relieved knowing they have this great tool kit at their disposal.
  •     Good book to guide on how to take initiatives, good examples
  •     Nice product, received very quickly. Sometimes the right words make all the difference. Very helpful in polishing professional presence in the work place.
  •     Very good book, excellent for soon to be grads.
  •     Great examples within each chapter.
  •     Not as good as I had heard.
  •     It was a struggle to get through this entire book. I found most of the suggestions themselves to be quite rudimentary.
  •     I both read this book and attended a presentation by Jodi Glickman. This book is absolutely essential for anyone starting their professional career!
  •     Brilliant.
  •     I read Great on the Job with the intent of using it as required reading for any new employee or volunteer of the non-profit I run, Partnership for Cures. While I was reading it, I ran across a number of items that I realized I didn't do a good job of in my own work! And I have incorporated them into my daily routine. I also found a number of things I was doing right, even though I hadn't learned it from a book, which made me feel pretty good.The first two volunteers (3 days per week, 8 hours per day) have read the book and they are doing a stellar job incorporating these lessons into their work! I am especially thankful for the piece about, "Don't go to your boss and ask if there is anything you can do." That creates EXTRA work for me when the volunteer is here to take work OFF my plate. So far, both of these volunteers have gotten that message and taken it to heart. They come to me with suggestions of what they can do, or requests to spend time learning about the organization so they can be more productive.I gave each of them a copy of the book to READ and give back. And after reading the Great on the Job they said they want to KEEP the book for reference and will buy me a new copy because they've marked up the copy I gave them. So what I thought was going to be an assignment, to read Great on the Job, that would mostly benefit me, it turns out the book was so powerful that the readers found it helped them!Kudos to Great on the Job. It is simple and it works!!!
  •     If you're looking for how to effectively communicate in the workplace I highly recommend this book. Jodi breaks it down into four easy to learn and implement parts.
  •     Tremendous lessons, MUST READ
  •     An easy-to-read manual full of practical guidance on how to communicate more effectively in work environments.I really appreciated the well-defined methodologies, the Troubleshooting sections answer real-life questions, and the Tear-Outs in the back are a great idea.This is a playbook containing all of the "blocking and tackling" strategies you need to be a successful professional - strategies that half of us have never learned, and the other half have forgotten!
  •     GOTJ has wonderful advice for common workplace conversations - both for seasoned professionals and soon-to-be professionals. I appreciated that the content is very tactical, easy to implement, and based on real-life experience. This isn't one of those books that makes amazing promises on the cover but then leaves you wondering what you really learned. There are even cheat sheets in the back of the book that can be used for quick reference.It's fantastic that someone is focusing on the skills that we should all be taught (but usually aren't). I've already recommended this book to the college students I mentor and will also personally continue to refer to it.
  •     Great book with many, many approaches I can put into practice TODAY. I will share this book with my colleagues!
  •     Excellent product exactly as the description..
  •     This book contains some good advice, but most of it wasn't applicable to my situation. She uses her experience at a consulting firm for many of the examples.

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