Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis

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Press: Blackstone Audio, Inc.; Unabridged edition (August 20, 2012)
Author Name:Von Mises, Ludwig; Mayes, Bernard;


[Read by Bernard Mayes]  Published in 1922 during those dark and dreary years of socialism's near-complete triumph, Socialism stunned the socialist world. 
Mises has given us a profoundly important treatise that assaults socialism in all its guises, a work that discusses every major aspect of socialism and leaves no stone unturned.
A few of the numerous topics discussed include the success of socialist ideas; life under socialism: art and literature, science and journalism; economic calculation under socialism; the ideal of equality; and Marx's theory of monopolies.
With this monumental work, Mises laid the foundations for free society.
Socialism has influenced scores of influential thinkers, including Friedrich Hayek, Ayn Rand, and Milton Friedman.
It is read over and over again today, all over the world, inspiring throngs of new defenders of freedom.

About the Author

LUDWIG VON MISES (1881-1973) earned his doctorate in law and economics from the University of Vienna in 1906. 
In 1926, Mises founded the Austrian Institute for Business Cycle Research.
From 1909 to 1934, he was an economist for the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.
Before the Anschluss, in 1934 Mises left for Geneva, where he was a professor at the Graduate Institute of International Studies until 1940, when he emigrated to New York City.
From 1948 to 1969, he was a visiting professor at New York University.


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  •     This is a tremendous book and a great read. As Von Mises states early, this is a scientific, not a political or philosophical text though those topics naturally come up. It is explained in the text but critical to keep in mind that what Von Mises calls liberalism is classical liberalism, not what is now called liberalism. There are points in the book where you have to reference footnotes during the read as some phrases are in their native language, but not a big deal on the Kindle version. The text is extremely relative to many things going on today. I highly reccomend the text.
  •     Amazing book.The book resides somewhere amidst economics, history and philosophy.Mises slays socialism on all three counts.Economically the inability to perform economic calculations kills socialism and makes it static, unable to adjust to anything.Philosophically he shows how liberalism is superior to collectivism and all other forms of coercion in the name of the mythical 'society' are simple covers for tyranny.Historically he traces the Marxist movement in the pre war and post war years. I gleaned some new insight into the split of the Marxists that birthed the Bolsheviks. The chapter on Christian Chiliasm I find particularly fascinating. He shows that while Christianity is often the force resisting communism, it also contributes greatly due to the misunderstanding of the gospels and their incorrect interpretation as non-messianic guidelines. The gospels were based on the understanding that the Kingdom of God was just around the corner. They were not intended as a guide to creating a communist society.Brilliant man.
  •     Should be required reading for all the "snowflakes".
  •     von Mises is a "must read" for anyone who wants to understand why the U.S. is in its current state. The book is not an easy read, but you will be rewarded with the knowledge to see through the misinformation, and outright lies put forth by our political class and their "toadys" in the media and academia.Dick StanleyRegistered Investment Advisor
  •     Devastating critique of Socialism and still timely after 65 years! This is the complement to Human Action. The more I read of Mises, the more I like.
  •     Can't find this important book by Mises for my Kindle. If anyone could provide this book please do so for the sake of all who are interested. Thanks!
  •     I'm a huge fan of von Mises, having read his Human Action and Theory of Money and Credit. However, this work is justifiably more obscure than the others.
  •     Classic. Must read for all Americans. Provides sound insight into it's true and proven impact.
  •     I have found that if there are any doubts or questions about Austrian economics or sociological then you just need to read a bit more and you find that someone has already thought...
  •     Ive found the book helpful and am not an economist by any stretch. Definitely worth reading in my opinion.
  •     Ludwig von Mises is the major force in the Austrian School of Economics. In the 1920's everyone understood the incentive problems of socialism. If everyone is equal who is going to shovel manure and take out the garbage. The answer socialist gave was the creation of the morally superior Socialist Man working for the common good cheerfully so that taste-testing cake and coal mining would not be percieved as different vocations in utopia. Wew! that problem is solved! We weren't buy it but is was considered correct and polite opinion before the inevitable crime of collectivism were revealed, but it still has adherents at universities, Hollywood, and the media. Mises' unique insight - which was taken seriously at the time and today is that without free actors in a free (unhampered) market using freely adjusting prices it is IMPOSSIBLE to allocate resources in any way other than in massively tragic, embarrassing, and distructive misallocations. This book detail why a centrally planned economy will misallocate everything and cause tragic waste and inevitable as well as unnecessary poverty. The book is an elaboration of his masterwork article "The Impossibility of Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth"
  •     A "must read"
  •     After reading the first chapter of the book, I feel obliged to remark that the very first review of this book has descended to the tactics of slandering, as mentioned by the...
  •     I was going to buy Hayek's "Road to Serfdom", but somehow bought this one instead. It is long and has a lot of detailed analysis of his reasons why "Socialism", which he equates with communism, cannot work.The last half of the book is devoted to looking at all the ways in which government institutions and actions actually do more harm than good, and he systematically dismantles all the pillars of the modern welfare state.He is uncompromising but ultimately refreshing. As the father of the Austrian school of economics, he is very important, and I think anyone with an interest in this subject should be familiar with his writings.
  •     If I could I would give this book 10 stars! It is a tour de force, a magnum opus of Mises' that is timeless. If you ever really wanted to know why there is such a hue and cry for a static steady state economic system at full equilibrium by the left and socialists Mises uncovers it here. As he states herein, 'It is the only economic system that socialism can manage.'The entire background and reason for the socialism calculation debate is inside of these pages. I have debated with many who have read a blog or try to refute Mises out of hand but you cant do it. he has covered every type of socialism within these pages and had already refuted whatever you can bring to the table.
  •     I have read numerous books on economics and always notice references to von Mises. Finally, I decided to go to the source, starting with "Socialism". Halfway through the book I was hooked and started collecting seven other von Mises books.Reading this book requires a certain dedication, since every paragraph needs a great deal of concentration. It is not something to read while watching a ball game.On the other hand, it is addictive. And you begin to wonder why his observations and conclusions are not accepted and put into practice. However, as you read others of his books, he explains why the statists will prevail.This is a great book, especially now. His arguments for letting interest rates seek their own level without government interference explains much about our current problems. You will begin to despair of this administration's insistence on artificially low interest rates.von Mises was truly a genius, as well as a prophet. Read this book, then move on to his others.
  •     the genius of Mises is evident as he diagnoses the problems of our society 100 years out
  •     In my opinion, I am a student of Von Mises, and his work is great and better than the 50k I blew on that no nonsense degree which adorns my wall.

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