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Author Name:Dassow, Sumi von


This book covers techniques of firing and finishing at low temperature eliminating the need for costly kilns or lengthy waits between making and finishing your work. 
Both ancient cultures and contemporary potters have used low-firing to great effect, adding slips and burnishing pieces to create finishes not possible with any other firing method.
Whether using an old dustbin, a pit in the ground, or a bonfire, low-firing is accessible to anyone with an outdoor space.
Low-firing and Burnishing provides step-by-step practical informatioin focusing on various approaches to low firing and methods of natural finishes.
Chapters include burnishing, terra sigillata, smoke-firing, pit-firing, saggar firing and raku techniques.

Part of the Ceramics Handbook series: conceived as an introduction to various topics and techniques relating to the use of clay.
Aimed at the student or the practiced ceramicist experimenting in a new area.


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  •     good read
  •     This is a wonderful book , very clearly written about the various firing processes for one of a kind pottery.It has been extremely helpful to me in understanding some specific techniques pertaining to terra sigillata.The book was in excellent condition and arrived very quickly.
  •     Fabulous book has influenced my techniques I have done in ceramics. Highly recommended. 5/5
  •     Sumi never disappoints!
  •     I'm planning to try, for the first time in my life, making pottery using the low fire technique. I really don't like the idea of a Kiln, and want to make large objects. This is perfect because it shows everything you need to be successful
  •     excellent
  •     Will gladly buy more books from this seller!Fast shipping and well packaged! I'm a happy with my 500 series! Got more 9 so far!
  •     Well written. Nice explanations, good examples.
  •     It's nice to buy a book that covers what it says it covers. All too often I've gotten excited about some area a book says it will cover, only to find my topic of interest was mentioned only in passing.In this book, Sumi covers low firing in a variety of methods as well as typical and more contemporary decoration elements associated with low firing. The book explains the modern pit firing methods using a variety of chemicals as well as the use of barrel firing, raku and incorporating sagger firing using these methods or in your standard kiln. Beyond this, Sumi demonstrates both knowledge and respect for the traditional methods of pit firing methods. If one is interested in this, it comes as no surprise that most books on the subject are not "how to" pottery books but rather books by collectors of traditional pottery. In this book Sumi covers the methods of the Pueblo and Mata Ortiz potters with a level of detail, with the context of other pit firing, that one can attempt these methods without feeling that you have to guess about some of the details or that you have to visit the Reservations to talk with potters. Though, if you have the chance, go to the Reservations and talk to the potters!
  •     I really liked this book and will use information given to create burnished ceramics.

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