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Press: Lulu.com (August 18, 2005)
Author Name:Vignieri, Sebastian


The "must have" travel guide for vacationing on Grand Bahama Island. 
Packed with over fifty pages of photographs and tons of vacation information.
Including independent info on Grand Bahama Hotels, Grand Bahama vacation rentals, Grand Bahama beaches, Grand Bahama restaurants, Grand Bahama nightlife, Grand Bahama adventure services, Grand Bahama scuba diving, Grand Bahama snorkeling, Grand Bahama dolphin adventures, Grand Bahama island navagation, Grand Bahama transportation and much more.



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Comment List (Total:7)

  •     This was the first book ever that I returned. I did not even read it. First it looked like a book what was printed and put together at a local Kinkos. Second, the price was $25,which I would have been more then happy to pay for a real book. It's a shame if the contants were outstanding because I couldn't see owning a book that may fall apart.
  •     This book is a black and white copy (poor quality) that is outdated and not worth the paper is is printed on.
  •     This book is very helpful and has alot of info about Grand Bahama Island that i did not find in any other books. It is charmingly simple, and not fancy, but it gave me a wealth of good info for when I traveled to the island. It definitely helped me have a great vacation on GB.
  •     Very informative but a little out of date. Luckily we had been there before so this didn't bother us too much. I wish the pictures had been in color.
  •     This book was moderately helpful in preparation for my trip to Grand Bahama Island, but after visiting the island and comparing what I learned there to what was written in this book, I realized this text should not be counted on for total accuracy. In addition to the numerous grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors throughout this text, it also contains some pretty glaring factual errors: for example, it says Grand Bahama Island is "aproximately 75-80 miles long from the west end to the east end (depending on who you ask). The widest part is the center portion which is about 4 miles from north to south."Well, the island is more like 96 miles long, and it is 17 miles wide at its broadest point. That's a pretty big discrepancy. It's also a flimsy, thin paperback. Given its $25 pricetag, I didn't think it was worth the money. One would be better off doing research on the Web.
  •     It was a superficial overview
  •     I love this book! It is a fast and easy read with great photographs on every page. It definitely made my vacation on Grand Bahama totally awesome. It really does have everything you need to know. First of all, It gave me a complete unbiased perspective on all the accomodations available on the island. I found a great place to stay. By the time I arrived on the island I was amazed how easily I was able to find my way around. I found myself giving advice to other travelers i met, as if I was a local. I knew all the best restaraunts, places to party at night, and It helped me fill my days so that there was never a dull moment. I explored secluded beaches and went snorkeling on monday, golfing and horseback riding on tuesday, nature exploring and kayaking on wednesday, scuba diving with dolphins on thursday, sailing and jet skiing on friday, bonefishing on saturday, and sky dived on sunday. I have never seen a travel book like this before. WOW!!!!

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