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Press:Chronicle Non Book Harry N. Abrams; Wal edition (August 1, 2012)


Color is essential to our lives. 
The colors we love are deep and vital affirmations of who we are.
Bringing those colors into our day and our environment is the ultimate form of self-expression.
Stylish, modern, and utterly sophisticated, this vibrant calendar celebrates a classic, charismatic, and undeniably inspiring pairing: fabulous color in combination with great design.


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  •     I love looking at this calendar every morning. it's big and the styling is fantastic. I find myself wishing it was the next month so I can see the next picture.
  •     Exactly what you would expect from a wall calendar. Lots of colors, yet very practical. Any designer/creative person would appreciate this.
  •     Wonderful Pantone images although not always imaginative (shamrock for March, lips for Feb.- kind of expected). Would like to see other, more thought-provoking images.
  •     If you're looking for a minimal, designer-friendly calendar, this isn't a bad option. I am happy with mine, and will likely look for a Pantone 2014 calendar after having used this one for a few months.
  •     I just love Pentagram. I just love Pantone. It's a nice way to be organized and always full of color
  •     very beautiful calendar, I like the pentone and there it is everything months one news picture and in pentone !
  •     I'm a graphic design student, and I got this calendar for a fellow designer. He LOVES it! Just as described, and I would recommend!
  •     I love this calendar. After purchasing it and hanging it up in my office, I visited a Room & Board store. I recognized the framed wall hangings as pages from this calendar. Not a bad idea after 2013 is complete.
  •     You guys did a great job of sending me what I orderd. However, I did a bad job of ordering! I wanted a 2014 calendar. I used the 2013 calendar last year and loved it.
  •     Great quality of paper, date squares are large enough to write in and cool Pantone art for each month - what's not to love?
  •     I'm a college student studying graphic design, so I immediately loved the idea of a Pantone calendar. For the $15 price, this item definitely exceeded my expectations (very fast shipping, too). Each month focuses on a different color group (ex: February is reds/pinks, March is greens, etc.), and each date box is a different shade of that color, making a nice gradient effect. It even shows the Pantone numbers of the different colors used in the picture, as well as additional facts and design tips along the bottom.Granted, the pictures for each month aren't very imaginative, but personally I like the simple, classic style of them (ex: January is a penguin, February is lips, March is a four-leaf clover). The images are heavily pixelated so that they're clear when looking at them from a distance, but become a grid of color squares up-close. The effect reminds me a lot of Dali's Abraham Lincoln painting.Overall, I love this 16-month calendar and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in graphic design or art in general.
  •     Well I might be a nerd but I love all things Pantone. I work as a graphic designer and use Pantone colors everyday, The colored pencil graphic on the cover is a preview of what the main monthly images look like, each image is pixelated much like the cover, but then some of the pixels have the PMS color in the square! This would be a great gift for anyone who is a graphic artist or works in the graphic design field.
  •     This is a really nicely designed calendar easy to read and write on. And the colors are so vivid, as one might expect.

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