Inside Russia: Zoya Zarubina

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Press: Eakin Press; 1st edition (April 1999)
Author Name:Inez Jeffery


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  •     While the subject matter of the book is interesting, the editing and writing is disjointed and very hard to follow. For two such highly educated and esteemed ladies to write such a terrible piece of literature is unfathomable!
  •     I know the book is poorly edited as if the person who did so only finished 11th grade English, maybe. I will not get into the details. BUT, to learn about what it was like about the folks in the USSR and later Russia it is priceless. And, Zoya was certainly a smart lady in the right spot with the mindset to witness history in the making of some of the most important events in the 20th century and be part of same is very fascinating......... READ! and don't be an English teacher, though. (PS, I failed English 101 - 4 times; same 102. If they had just told me to write such as the bible is written I would have been OK, but I wrote in my own words and with own conjunctions just as I spoke. ...... Unfortunately this was not allowed by the Citadel English Maffia group of the early 60 s in Charleston, SC even if I was a premed major. When you finally learn the difference between uninterested and disinterested, and when you learn what a comma splice is then you should edit this book's actual rhetoric.)Tim Williams Anderson, SC April 8 - 2017
  •     If you are looking for "Spook information, i.e. secret codes, secret drops, secret messages and meetings, forget it, this book is not for you. This is just a discription of the life of a person living in a difficult location.
  •     My wife and I met Dr. Zoya in September 2001. She was a guest lecturer on the ship we were on in Russia. No one fell asleep in her lectures as she would inject some humor into them. If a reader wanted to read about a woman who was an interpeter for President Roosevelt, Winston Churchhill and Stalin during World War II, this is for them. Dr. Zoya led a very colorful life and a very interesting woman to talk with.

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