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Press: Wilder Publications; Reissue edition (March 26, 2009)
Author Name:MacDonald, George


In Lilith the aptly named protagonist Mr. 
Vane follows a specter through a mirror in his haunted library into a fantasy land of the past where he meets Lilith, Adam and Eve, and a host of others.
He explores the nature of original sin and redemption.
An epic fantasy adventure that shows us what it means to be human.

About the Author

George MacDonald (1824–1905) was a Scottish author, poet, and Christian minister. 
Known particularly for his poignant fairy tales and fantasy novels, George MacDonald inspired many authors, such as W.
Auden, J.
Tolkien, C.
Lewis, E.
Nesbit and Madeleine L'Engle.
It was C.S.
Lewis who wrote that he regarded MacDonald as his "master": "Picking up a copy of Phantastes one day at a train-station bookstall, I began to read.
A few hours later," said Lewis, "I knew that I had crossed a great frontier." G.
Chesterton cited The Princess and the Goblin as a book that had "made a difference to my whole existence." Elizabeth Yates wrote of Sir Gibbie, "It moved me the way books did when, as a child, the great gates of literature began to open and first encounters with noble thoughts and utterances were unspeakably thrilling." Even Mark Twain, who initially disliked MacDonald, became friends with him, and there is some evidence that Twain was influenced by MacDonald.

--This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     This is a strange book, one that needs to be reread, I think, to fully understand. MacDonald surely handles the English language beautifully. I can see why MacDonald fascinated CS Lewis.
  •     This book is not for everyone, but if you find yourself longing for a mystical place that, at one time, you might have called home, you have something in common with the protagonist of this story. It is not fast paced by today's standards, but I never got bored with it. I would recommend it to the spiritually inclined.
  •     Unusual book, but worth reading. This is one of George MacDonalds later works, but the only one I've read except for "The Princess and the Goblin" books as a child. Lilith (written for adults, unlike "Princess") is somewhat wandering and psychedelic, but has more plot and better developed characters than I feared it would after the first few chapters. It's not a long book, and will probably stick in your head a long time after you finish it. It's probably best to know going in that "Lilith" is a figure in Jewish mythology, who was said to have been created as Adam's wife before Eve.
  •     A beautifully-told story, bursting with imagination and flights-of-fancy. A classic "fairy tale for adults" and children of all ages. This tale deserves the widest audience. Unforgettable and timeless.
  •     One of my favorites of all time
  •     A great book.
  •     I just got shafted for the third time with a great sounding book published in an unreadable format. It's 8-1/2 x 11" and about 1/4 inch thick with a tiny font crammed onto...
  •     An aging, short fantasy novel from the late 1800's, it is based very loosely on the Genesis legends of Adam, Eve and Lilith in the Garden of Eden, along with with Dante's journey...
  •     Didn't finish the book. Not my type of reading.
  •     This is one of my favorite books i started as a child and never finished but now realize all that i missed out back then but am happy I had the chance to pick it up again.
  •     This is the third time I have read this book, and each time I enjoy it more and get a deeper understanding of what it is really about. The first time I bought it for 25 cents at a yard sale, and was attracted to it because of the name (I didn't know back then that Adam was said to have a wife named Lilith, prior to the creation of Eve). I also didn't realize that George MacDonald was such a prolific writer of prose and poetry, mostly on religious themes. At that time my reaction to the book was that it was very strange and weird and I was entranced by it, and I knew that I would read it again when I was more ready for it. My second reading was about 20 years later; I reacted in somewhat the same way as the first time, but realized that there was a greater metaphor behind the story and the characters themselves. In this, my third reading, I saw everything much more clearly, understanding more of the greater meaning in the characters of Mr. Raven, the leopards, the "little ones", the "House of Death", even in the landscapes and the travels of Mr. Vane. I will read "Lilith" at least once or twice more in my life if I am given the time. I highly recommend it for seekers and "wonderers", and all readers whether Christian or of any other religious persuasion---although George MacDonald was a minister, I believe that this wonderful, timeless tale has something for everyone.
  •     This book is fraught with levels of meaning beyond the surface story, like Pilgrim's Progress or the Gospels. It will definitely bear re-reading at least once.
  •     He has this way of writing that invites you in on a journey that feels like a dream. I liked the pacing and would recommend it to anyone who wants a heartfelt and poetic look at...
  •     Lilith presented as someone to be salvaged by God and loved by God and not hated by men. In this in some ways we can see the fulfillment of the end of enmity and the redemption of mankind as he learns through Lilith that he too is responsible for his own decisions (instead of simply looking to blame the innocent).
  •     I have restarted this book several times because there is so much and it is so interesting. Have also bought 4 more copies for my children and a friend. I'm not done sharing this book either. Classic! Warning...the surprise for me was it was freaky until I got used to the imagery. Made Poe look like a pussy-cat. But so much depth!!!!!!
  •     This book arrived in excellent condition and when stated. It is a classic which I could not find anywhere else. This is a fascinating story by MacDonald. Thank you!
  •     Classic fantasy tale from the author of The Princess & The Goblin, Phantastes and other favorites.
  •     I love this book but in this printing, the print is too small to read

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