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Press: Brilliance Audio; Library edition (May 15, 2011)
Author Name:Lescroart, John; Baltz, Tim;


In Son of Holmes, John Lescroart introduced Auguste Lupa, reputed son of the greatest detective of all time... 
and possessor of a brilliant deductive mind in his own right.
Now, in Rasputin’s Revenge, Lupa is summoned to the court of the Russian Czar ― where, with a bit of unexpected assistance from none other than Holmes and Watson, he untangles a chilling plot that holds the Winter Palace in a lethal grip....
Praise for Son of Holmes and John Lescroart “A riveting thriller.” ―Booklist “Detective fans will lap up the details of Lupa’s [Holmesian] heritage.” ―Publishers Weekly “Raymond Chandler once wrote that the test of a first-rate murder mystery is whether you would keep reading it if the last chapter ― and the revelation of whodunit ― were missing.
In the matter of John Lescroart, I would keep reading any of his books, even without that last chapter.” ―Fort Worth Star-Telegram “Amusing and intriguing.” ―Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

About the Author

John Lescroart is the bestselling author of eighteen previous novels, which have sold more than ten million copies. 
He lives with his family in Northern California.


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  •     I picked up this book at a book exhange coffe house south in Nicaragua, and it turned out to be just what I was looking for. First of all, it's extremely well written. The background being the russian revolution gives it something extra, and for me it really contributed to the book. It was something new, and different.There is a serial killer on the loose, seemingly killing all that are close to the tsar. The tsar is taking it particulary hard, as his wife the tsarina is drifting closer and closer to the magnetic, yet oddly behaving munk Rapsutin.Even though the book it a bit slow in the beginng, it dosn't matter to much because the author uses these pages to set a tone and an amazingly accurate and intresting background for the story. And for thoose not that impressed with the original idea of placing the mystery in the middle of the revolution, the book picks up speed and delivers a suprising, fun and well written mystery.
  •     Is there any subject that John Lescroart is not good with. But this one was so unlike what he writes now, but loved bringing Holmes and Watson into the picture. One never knows if it is truly fiction or real; that is what I absolutely love about J.L. books. I would love to have seen mor of Auguste Lupa, he is one heck of a spy.Loved it totally.My daughter is in the process of reading it too.
  •     Other reviewers have not fully enjoyed this book because they are looking for satisfaction as a post Holmes story. It is more an early Nero Wolfe story - "Auguste Lupa" is the backstory referred to by Nero Wolfe in several of the Rex Stout novels. Here he is young and fit, not yet corpulent but displaying his trademark love of food, beer and horticulture. The cook, Fritz Benet is obviously the WWI identity of Fritz Brenner, Nero Wolfe's chef and housekeeper.There are many treats here for Rex Stout fans - Auguste Lupa's designing a remote signaling device to have beer fetched to him, his mistrust of women, using an intelligent legman to gather facts for him to decipher and of course gathering all the players for the unmasking of the criminal.As a standalone mystery it would be only a couple of stars, but as biographical fodder for Nero Wolfe, it is "very satisfactory".
  •     Really. Don't bother. I'm half through, there's been one murder, and I still can't stop wondering when something is going to happen -- other than everyone walking around town, drinking beer. This guy gets paid for writing????
  •     Excellent book. A divergence for Lescroart. Enjoyed the early WW I and French setting. Book flows well and suspense is held until the finale.
  •     Disappointing compared to his newer books.
  •     Great idea and well done, I'm on to the follow up book now.
  •     Obviously early novel that lacks the polish of Lescoart's later works.
  •     About midway through this book I was thinking that it reminded me of Rex Stout's work in a way - what with Lupa's plants, the focus on food and beer.
  •     Love all of John Lescroart's books!
  •     A son of Holmes and Adler? There wasn't enough background to explain why the character was the way he was. Other than a detective ability slavish identical to his father's, I saw no familial connections. The plot was interesting, if a little confusing at times. The author assumed that the reader would have a fairly intimate knowledge of World War I era France and so skipped some explanations that might have made the story clearer. A nicely readable addition to the Holmes catalog, but not brilliant.
  •     Compelling read
  •     A great read
  •     This novel takes you to a place you both dislike and never want to leave. My only regret is this was the author's last book in this very short series.
  •     This novel, with its setting entirely in France, was a departure from anything else I'd read by John Lescroart. I love his Dismas Hardy, Wes Farrell, Abe Glitsky, and Wyatt Hunt novels, where the main characters interact with each other. In "Son of Holmes" there was a whole new set of characters, and I had a bit of difficulty distinguishing between some of the lesser players. Nevertheless, Lescroart always manages to tell an intriguing story that moves along beautifully.
  •     I like Lescroart's more recent books, so I thought I'd try this series. It's written in a very mannered, turn of the previous century voice that got a little tedious at times as it does not read like the author's preferred voice. The plot was good. The characters interesting.
  •     OK
  •     great author

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