Morgan Tsvangirai: At the Deep End

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Press: Eye Books (November 14, 2011)
Author Name:Tsvangirai, Morgan; Bango, T. William;


Morgan Tsvangirai's dramatic political battle with Zimbabwe’s dictatorial monolith Robert Mugabe stands as one of the most intriguing and important world events of recent times—this is his autobiography

About the Author

Morgan Tsvangirai was nominated for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize and is the first non-lawyer recipient of The 2009 International Bar Association human rights award International Lifetime Achievement Award 2009 from the Spanish Foundation Cristobal Gabarron. 
As his personal assistant, advisor, and spokesperson, T.
William Bango spent 23 years in journalism which took him as an aide to Robert Mugabe, a founding editor for the banned Daily News, and a Masters in journalism from University of Cardiff, and a three-year stint as a journalism lecturer at the Institute for Advancement of Journalism.
He has recently completed a sabbatical to complete an MPA from Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.


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  •     Turn the above image upside down, cover the nose and mouth, and revealed, if you look closely, is an image of a strange like being, not of this earth, and perhaps from the spiritual world. A goblin if you like. Don't believe me, try it and clear your mind, and you will get a pleasant shock that will make you want to send the image to all your friends, urging them to do likewise.Thats the funny bit.The book itself is interesting if you are interested in Zimbabwe politics. Does it give you an essence of the man? I think not. More so when you realize, as was eventually revealed, that the man, this so-called face of the opposition, was busy bonking women, teenagers almost, left, right and centre: his Pastor was the pimp, and he nailed them on the Pastor's bed...makes you think what other biographies conveniently leave out in an attempt to portray an image to the masses.Morgan is a lie.Its a tragedy that William Bango, who actually wrote this book, was killed in a car crash a few days ago when he was writing a more interesting, and relevant book, titled 'Working With Mugabe'. According to accounts, the book was not yet complete.To appreciate the import of this book, and the lies that politicians tell in order to spruce up their images, read it, and then consider it against the background of the many sexual and domestic escapades of Morgan (google them: Elizabeth Macheka will provide fascinating reading along with related links); after that, come to your own conclusions as to whether what is in this book is a true portrayal of the man, as viewed by the masses (he was compared to Nelson Mandela by naive Australians) or a public relations stunt written with an election (erection?) in mind...If you are hones with yourself, and are familiar with the concept of the Freudian Slip, you should not help but wonder precisely what 'Deep End' Morgan had in mind when the title of the book was conceptualized.

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