Relationship Power: How to win love and increase your income, health, and happiness through the power of good relationships

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Press: Mill City Press, Inc. (October 11, 2010)
Author Name:Bibace, Ronald


Take the 5-minute Bibace Self-Test 1. 
Ask yourself: What should I be doing to achieve a good relationship with another person? Write down your answer.
Make a list of the 5 people with whom you have the best relationships.
Make a second list of the 5 people who make you feel the best about yourself.
Compare the two lists.
If they are identical or 4 out of 5 are the same, you have your answer.
Your best relationships are with the people who make you feel the best about yourself! 5.
Unless that was your answer to question 1, you will have just learned a very important truth and this book will show you how to implement it in all your relationships.
Here are a few things Relationship Power is very likely to do for you: • Improve your relationship with your spouse and family, as well as your social and business relationships, making you a happier and richer person, both emotionally and financially.
• Help you understand yourself better than ever before, and through that understanding, help you understand others.
• Show you how to kindly and unobtrusively improve the behavior of others to their life-long benefit as well as perhaps to yours.
• Identify the main obstacle to previous failed efforts you may have made, explain the source and degree of its power over you, and determine how to overcome it.
• Assist you in the easiest and quickest way to achieve all the above, in a manner that you can very quickly check for yourself that it is working.


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  •     I found "Relationship Power" an excellent read; both entertaining and informative, a rare combination. Whether at work, home or with family and friends,keeping the idea of "making someone feel good about themselves" has a made a world of difference in improving all of my relationships. The book has helped me with difficult relationships to achieve amazing results that I had only dreamed about but never thought were possible.
  •     Very few are the books I have read that have been written with the constant care of remaining simple and accessible and yet extremely powerful ... Very few books give you the impression of speaking nothing but the truth ... This one does !If the book goes deep in the psychology behind every relationship, it is an extremely simple read. Written for anybody to understand, the author is addressing Mr everybody and after a brief and simple explanation of the concepts, most of the book talks about concrete examples taken from the author's life and it's even a funny read at times !As a result when you close it, you just get the feeling that simple words have been put on your reality bringing you to a new level of consciousness in the way you relate with others.I read this book in two days and during the week after I finished it, i simply ended 10 years of extremely difficult relations with my father and we started enjoying being together when there was nothing much left of us than constant aggression...This book reveals the mechanism behind our relationships. It will help you take control on them, understand why people around you react in a certain way, free you from erratic or aggressive reactions and show you the way to establish your relations with others on more constructive grounds.This book is a must read, it is simply illuminating. If you're having hard times with your spouse, children, parents, friends or colleagues, this book will help you understand why and show you the way to change the situation. If you are seeking leadership positions this book is simply essential as all success is rooted in our ability to build strong and rich relations with others.Whatever your motivation that lead you to this book, one thing for sure : you have never read what's in it elsewhere.By reading this book you will discover a new and true approach to human relations, written in such a simple and concrete way that you can start applying it the moment you close it !
  •     I have read Relationship Power and have found a lot of strong, positive and constructive directions for someone looking to improve their relationship, wether it be with a significant other, spouse, family member or friend. I have found myself feeling the "Beast" in me reacting at times when I would be in a conflict with someone, and that feeling made me stop, evaluate the situation, and most of the time decide to end the conflict in an amicable manner. I feel this book should be read over and over again every now and then to strengthen one's character in dealing with relationships.

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