I Do. . .Again The Renewable Marriage: The 30-Day Renewable Contract Keeping Marriages Alive, Romantic and Successful

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Press: Worthy Shorts (January 1, 2009)
Author Name:Shulman, Lee M.; Shulman, Joyce; Raferty, Gerald Wil


We all want and need relationships. 
We can't live without them and we don't want to.
What we want is relationships that work.
This book will help you do that.
Most books about relationships look at what's wrong.
This book looks at what's good, because surely there was a lot of good when your relationship began.
Relationships can work and "good" can be built into "better." Sharing their personal stories, the authors give the success tools they created, including an actual transcript from a personal session of the "I Do .
Again" process.
With Checklists, Exercises, and a sample "Contract" this book distills thousands of hours successfully helping clients improve their relationships.
A Handbook, a Field Guide, a Set of Tools.
You're a person with relationships.
This book is for you.


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  •     This little book is worth its weight in gold. New love is wonderful. It is passionate and exciting. Think of romance and courtship.... and you smile and feel happy. Those loving feelings are what people want.They don't want the responsibility, compromise and in-laws, that seem to come with marriage. This book is about renewing your relationship on a regular basis. It will help you keep the romance and courtship feelings in a long-term relationship. This book tells you how to achieve that desirable "and they lived happily ever after" objective.If you want a happy relationship, a loving companionship, and ongoing pleasure as part of a couple, this book can help you do it.
  •     "The Renewable Marriage" is a lovely book which shares how two psychologists, using everything they've learned about human nature, keep their marriage alive, romantic, and successful - and have been so doing for over 40 years.The book is short - about 40 pages - which is part of its charm. I'm sure it could have been made into a full length book, but this would deprive the reader of the opportunity to actively and imaginatively participate in the application of the simple tools which they present. Indeed, this is what the book invites you to do.More case histories, more statistics, more examples, a thorough bibliography - all of this would make for a more "scholarly" endeavor - which could have real value and interest. But the point of this book is to present a simple tool for people who want to stay in love, and are willing to work at achieving this goal.The authors tell us that the book is for people who are "clearly and completely committed to each other, who are in love with each other and want tools that can help them stay that way." It is based on Lee and Joyce Shulman's lifetime of experience in psychological counseling, their study of successful and unsuccessful relationships, their own experiences with failed marriages (one each), and their own successful marriage of over 40 years. In a sense the book is autobiographical, presenting as it does the basic technique they designed before they married and use to this day.The core of their process is a commitment to sit down together once a month and renew the marriage contract. What exactly they mean by this, how they developed this idea, and why it is likely to work, is what the book is about."The Renewable Marriage" is, in short, a very positive approach to consciously designing a marriage that will last and continue to be nourishing, rewarding, and fulfilling.Having gone through "Intensive Couple Therapy" type week-ends and seminars in the past - during which I learned much - I appreciate this contribution precisely because of its simplicity. But this should not delude one into discounting its value! Nor should "simple" be equated with "easy". Consider this, for example, from the second page: "We see the relationship as a loving, protective environment within which two fully realized human beings are not only allowed to exist but are encouraged and supported in their life-long effort to be all they can be." I wonder - if two "fully realized human beings" got married in the first place, what is the likelihood they would get divorced? Be that as it may, assuming you are a fully realized human being, and are in a completely committed relationship with another fully realized human being - this book may be useful!And if you are not quite there - well, life is a journey, isn't it?- Michael Cook
  •     Quick read and VERY informative! This book is a unique approach to keeping your relationship "alive, romantic, and successful." The idea of a renewable contract gets you talking on a constructive basis. Communication is the key to every successful relationship, and "I Do...Again" provides you with the tools to do just that. Very creative, very untraditional, and very fabulous!!! What a concept?!?! Do not miss this.

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