Island Hopping To The Caribbean

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 2, 2009)
Author Name:LaVigne, David


Provides advice on traveling by boat from Florida to the Caribbean by island hopping your way through the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. 
Discusses suggested reference sources, charts, trip timing, and routes.
In addition it includes a narrative of the authors' trip, what went right, what didn't, and how they would do it if they did it again.
Aimed at those who have never made this trip before, including those who are new to cruising and those who might be just dreaming about it.
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Comment List (Total:12)

  •     Good read. Author is informative and has funny anecdotes
  •     Total waste of money. From the title, I believed I would get information on various anchorages and the islands. Other than a couple of bits of info, the main "insight" was where they shopped for food. The authors referenced a "Gentleman's Guide Passages South" often. Buy that instead.
  •     This book is written in two parts. The first was obviously written by the husband and the second by the wife; completely different writing styles. The writing of the first half leaves a lot to be desired. It reads a little like hastily written log entries just combined by topic and the author does lots of whining. The second half is far better written and includes interesting observations about their experience and references to books, documents and reliable sources of information. The entire book is focused on their experience with little research and reference to the broader experience of others. This is a good book to borrow from a friend.
  •     A fun & informative read.
  •     I really liked the book, if you are planning on a trip to the caribbean you can get a lot of value from the tips and advice in the book.
  •     I chose to give this book a 2 star rating due to it not giving enough detailed information. If I was already cruising I may have found it more applicable but I am still trying to...
  •     This book is the stream-of-consciousness of a couple who spent eight years cruising the Caribbean and then stopped. Lots of juicy details about how to maintain a boat and how to save money. Lots of pointless advice on where to eat and how to move around -- all obvious.This book badly needed an editor, but did not get one.This book could have been full of glorious photos - but is filled with murky, useless black and white.It can have some value as one couple's view of the Cruising Life, like a chat in a boat's saloon.
  •     this is a very good read, however seems some things were assumed or left out. Still I would recommend it.
  •     This is a really good book on cruising, especially if you plan on staying any length of time in Luperon in the DR. I enjoyed this book very much.
  •     Much info about certain ports and anchorages. Rushed through Bahamas, much on Virgin Islands, DR., hurricane holes, especially Luperon. Not on sailing, more on living aboard and getting around for supplies in many places. First part of cruise by him, second part by her.
  •     The book is quite worthwhile because it summarizes the success of two people not all that different from you or me on a voyage to the Caribbean. It is the story of how two people left Michigan for the Caribbean, didn't cover all of the Caribbean (which they don't mind) and had a great time. They had a successful voyage, and their story makes me more comfortable that I can do something similar without risking life and limb. The care that went into that success comes through clearly; a successful voyage won't happen if you don't pay attention and they did.I highly recommend this book with one caveat. The book's coverage varies from general descriptions of anchorages and towns with little else to precise directions to stores. For example, the information on how to anchor in Savannah Bay in the British Virgin Islands includes details about a sighting to do it without hitting the reef but not enough information that you should attempt it without more information. In other words, it is a book to read for interest and maybe inspiration but not anything like precise information.
  •     Good basic book that describe their passage through Bahama to get to Dominican Republic. It was worth the few dollars invested.

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