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Press: Newmedia Publishing; 1st edition (July 4, 2009)
Author Name:Gabor, Emma


A PREDATORESS IS BORN  A gifted, beautiful college freshman, Emma, is victimized by a vampire in Transdanubia, Hungary. 
In turn, she selfishly vampirizes her three best friends for companionship in her nightly quest for human blood.
They rampage through Hungary and Vienna spreading the scourge.
But her conscience and desire to love Zoltan and live a normal life, drives her to find a cure based on original genome research.
She has a chance to rid the world of vampirism once and for all and become a power for good.
It's September 2003 in the ancient town of Sopron, Hungary, when one of Dracula's spawn turns me, Emma Gabor, an 18-year-old college freshman, into one of The Undead.
I become a blood-thirsty but reluctant vampire, constantly questioning my morality as I foist myself upon victim after victim.
Compelled by survival and unwilling to tread this path alone, I vampirize my three best friends, Kati, Gizi, and Eszti.
We go on bloodthirsty rampages every night, luring our victims through charm and sexuality or simply overpowering them with tricks and violence.
Out on the town one night at Club Colosso for a joint feeding session with my friends, I dance with Zoltan Szabo, a genetic research fellow at the university, who is also the love object of my friends, Kati and Eszti.
We form a friendship based on scientific interests and fall in love at a charity ball held in the ancient castle of Frakno.
We consummate our passion! I now realize that working with Zoltan could be the key to freeing my friends and me from this terrible scourge of vampirism! I must, with great pain, hold back from telling him the truth and from making him one of The Undead.
To minimize our chance of getting caught in town, and to spread out the victims more evenly, the four of us go to Budapest in search of prey.
We invite the composer, Attila Vertes to our nightspot table with a poem, which he answers with another one, suggesting he knows what we are! He discloses that although her mother was a vampire, she protected him and he composed his opera, "Bloody Tears," about her.
There is an instant union of souls between him and Gizi, who invites him to Sopron.
Eventually I am compelled to tell Zoltan about my condition.
He is repelled and rejects me....

About the Author

EMMA: AN ONE OF A KIND WRITER  Emma is a precocious 18-year-old college freshman when she receives the Embrace, as the act of vampirizing one s victim is known. 
While her last name is Gabor, she is not related to either Zsazsa Gabor and her sisters, or to Dennis Gabor, who won the Nobel Prize for discovering holography. However, she is a scientific prodigy, whose chosen field is cloning and genetic research in forestry.
Her family s struggle to survive in Hungary at the end of Second World War, the subsequent Soviet/socialist rule, and the fall of communism is the historical background of her younger years.
Her parents most fervent desire is to give her all the opportunities they were denied in the Workers Paradise.
As her story unfolds, her struggle to retain as much of her human self as possible plays out against the evil now ruling her body.
She discovers that the price of becoming and staying immortal is horrendous:  constant lying, cheating, and victimizing innocent people, all the while being in a never-ending state of pain and unhappiness.
She also discovers a new side to herself, as the leader of the pack of four young and beautiful female vampires.
She claims it s a matter of expediency, but it is her intelligence that makes her a natural leader.
Her beauty, quick mind, and scientific abilities, even in her vampiric state, attract Zoltan, who also works in her chosen field of genetic research.
She falls in love, and despite all odds, finds both happiness and a cure for vampirism with his help.
Her will to live, love, and be a contributor to, not a destroyer of life, makes her journey through the darkest compulsions of human existence possible.
Actually, much more than possible - they make her triumph inevitable.


Science & Math,Evolution,Mystery, Thriller & Suspense,Thrillers & Suspense

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Comment List (Total:9)

  •     In 2003 Sopron, Transdanubia in Hungary, the vampyr bit into Emma's neck turning her from a hard working college freshman into a compulsive yet reluctant blood seeking Undead.
  •     This book has lofty ideas, but it gets to bogged down. The idea of the book seems interesting a teen who seems like she could easily be a genius gets turned into a vampire.
  •     I don't usually write reviews, but this book was so bad I had to write something.The first thing that struck me about the book was how self-published it looked.
  •     Emma is a typical Hungarian teenage girl. She lives at home with parents and has a few girlfriends she is really close to.
  •     I never got into vampire movies or books, I honestly thought it was stupid and not a genre I liked. Then with all the hype about Twilight, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and read it and from there I got hooked. Then I read all the Sookie Stackhouse books, which are the basis for True Blood on HBO, and now I just loved and finished Predatoress by Emma Gabor.Predatoress is a vampire book based in September 2003 in Sopron, Hungary, when Emma was changed forever. Emma, 18 years old, had a bright future ahead of her as a scientist until one night when she was bitten. In order to survive, she vampirizes her three best friends and they all go out together every night to feed. Well you know when girls get together there is always trouble and of course there are disagreements and love problems.Without giving away too much of the book, Emma realizes she can't live that way forever, obviously who would want to. One night while she is out clubbing with the girls, she meets Zoltan who is a genetic scientist that every girl is practically in love with. First, Emma could care less, but the she falls for him, even though he two girlfriends have feelings for him. Then Emma realizes that with her knowledge and Zoltans, maybe they can work together on curing Emma's condition.I really enjoyed this book. It was different and it is interesting to see how different authors create their vampires. The Predatoress vampires have their own ways of doing things and surviving. This book though does get into some blood detail, so if that grosses you out too much skip over those sentences. I also loved the turn at the end, you may think the book is over and then "pow" something happens!Predatoress was released on July 4th and is a 390 page paperback. It is a quick read though and kept me reading!You can also check out the Predatoress website to read more about the book and author!
  •     Emma's life is changed in the blink of an eye. One minute she is asleep in her bed. The next minute someone is sucking her dry. Literally.
  •     Undeath cannot quell the most powerful of emotions. "Predatoress" tells the story of Emma, a young woman who finds herself a young vampire.
  •     NOTE: I received a free review copy of this book from the publisher.I fully admit that I did not expect to like this book. I have had no interest in the recent vampire crazy and in fact have never read a vampire book before (well, with the exception of Stephen King's 'Salem Lot, which of course was great). But I received a very nice review request offering to send me a gift package including both the book and a bottle of the book's own wine, Blood (available on the book's web site), and so I agreed. I received the package (beautifully done), drank the wine (good if you like dry reds), but didn't actually READ the book. I was a bit put off by several factors: first, as other reviewers have suggested, the book has an obviously self-published look to it, with extra spacing between paragraphs substituting for the usual indents and just an amateurish overall appearance. Furthermore, upon browsing through the pages, I realized that the author, Emma Gabor, was also the main character--was this a novel or a memoir? And if the latter, was I expected to believe that this was a TRUE story?Well, despite my reservations, I finally picked up the book to begin reading it just a few weeks ago. Emma is an 18 year old girl living in modern-day Sopron, Hungary. In the opening scene, she is sleeping peacefully in her bed at home with her parents when a stranger, her "initiator," enters her room, inserts his fangs into her neck, and drains her blood. This turns Emma into a vampyr (the Hungarian spelling), compelling her to seek her own first victim that very same night. The following night, Emma decides to prey on her best friend, Kati, so as to have a companion for her late-night outings, and the two in turn then decide to recruit their friends Gizi and Eszti. Unfortunately, the foursome quickly comes to realize that the life of the undead is not a pleasant one, and so Emma in particular begins devoting her time to finding a solution to their plight.Surprisingly, I quickly found myself to be engaged in this story. As some of the other reviewers noted, the dialogue had a tendency to be a bit overdone at times--but what would "true" dialogue between vampyrs be like, exactly? I probably would have felt differently if this was a more serious novel, but it wasn't--to me, this was pure entertainment, and I enjoyed it. Although, as I said above, I haven't read any of the vampire stories that are currently on the market, I could see why fans of that genre might be disappointed in this book. However, if you are a classic science fiction enthusiast and who doesn't mind things getting a bit on the cheesy side occasionally, I think you will find this novel to be surprisingly entertaining, and I would recommend it.
  •     Written as a memoir by the author, Predatoress tells the tale of 18-year-old Emma Gabor, who is turned into a vampiress, and her adventures.

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