The If Bridge: The Legendary Adventures of Maggie Golden, Book One

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 21, 2011)
Author Name:Armato, S. J.


For ages 11 and up! When a severely injured Cooper Hawk begs a group of vacationing school kids for help, they find themselves drawn into a fierce battle being waged among the forest inhabitants for control of the ancient and powerful If Bridge, which has the power to undo the past. 
What starts out as a pleasant little summer vacation for Maggie and her friends, Molly and Tim, becomes an extraordinary adventure that will forever transform their lives.
These three best buddies unexpectedly find themselves thrust into the magical world of a brilliant sorceress, a mysterious bridge, and talking animals.
Manny, an old farmhand, Molly’s two spinster aunts, and her parents fight side-by-side with the three young friends in their struggle against the Wolf, the Vulture, and the Snake, who want to destroy the If Bridge.
The three human friends join the Deer, the Bear, and the Hawk in their battle to prevent its destruction.
Ultimately, they all find themselves fighting the age-old battle of good versus evil, defending a world of friendship and noble sacrifice against one of greed and treachery.


Teens,Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy

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  •     This is a wonderful story with such a great message. It can be appreciated by a variety of ages. Maggie, Molly and Tim share in a mystical adventure that leaves you clinging to the pages. This book expresses the truth in life through the innocents of a child's eyes. I would highly recommend this book!
  •     This was a great read; from start to finish, I was drawn in by the story. It was well-written and fun, the kids in the book and the adventure fleshed out nicely. Definitely worth a read for any sci-fi/fantasy fan. :)

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